Author: David Tulis

President Reagan is admired by conservatives, though he vastly increased the size of the federal government. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, however, has consistently fought unconstitutional programs and growth of the national power.

Paul’s arguments for Noogacentrism

We would like to publish a daily report about the effort of Ron Paul to draw the hearts of Americans to concepts of liberty, free markets, noninflationary money, decentralization and domestic demilitarization.But we’ve arrived on …
East Ridge resident Larry Setliffe, a former homeless man who graduated from the Bible study program at Union Gospel Mission (two buildings in background) has grown in grace as a result of Christian works of charity and friendship.

Right use of good works in local economy

One tenet of local economy is private capital and private action. This notion is surly, demanding and unreasonable, given the degree to which big government and big tax-sucking lobbies busy themselves telling local people how …