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Conservative notable Lee Anderson, left, greets City Court judges Russell Bean and Sherry Paty, foreground. Behind, left, is U.S. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann and, right, Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond.

Lee Anderson vs. the avatars

By David Tulis The passing from the Chattanooga newspaper scene of Lee Anderson leaves a big gap in a vigorous defense of the concept of local economy.It is unlikely that the Times Free Press will …
President Reagan is admired by conservatives, though he vastly increased the size of the federal government. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, however, has consistently fought unconstitutional programs and growth of the national power.

Paul’s arguments for Noogacentrism

We would like to publish a daily report about the effort of Ron Paul to draw the hearts of Americans to concepts of liberty, free markets, noninflationary money, decentralization and domestic demilitarization.But we’ve arrived on …