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Conservative notable Lee Anderson, left, greets City Court judges Russell Bean and Sherry Paty, foreground. Behind, left, is U.S. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann and, right, Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond.

Lee Anderson vs. the avatars

By David Tulis The passing from the Chattanooga newspaper scene of Lee Anderson leaves a big gap in a vigorous defense of the concept of local economy.It is unlikely that the Times Free Press will …
East Ridge resident Larry Setliffe, a former homeless man who graduated from the Bible study program at Union Gospel Mission (two buildings in background) has grown in grace as a result of Christian works of charity and friendship.

Right use of good works in local economy

One tenet of local economy is private capital and private action. This notion is surly, demanding and unreasonable, given the degree to which big government and big tax-sucking lobbies busy themselves telling local people how …

Noogacentrism and finding the nerve of the Scots-Irish

The continuing growth of American political absolutism and the surveillance state shapes the lives of Chattanoogans and darkens their horizon. They resent an ever more deeply penetrating bureaucratic claim upon their assets, their children, their …