How hiphop artist C-Grimey might use administrative notice in crunch

Cameron Williams is like thousands of people in the Chattanooga area — burdened by a revoked or suspended or canceled driver license. But what if he just has to get into a car and steer down the street — and what if he’s caught? (Photo Cameron Williams on FB) Cameron Williams, or C-Grimey, is a […]

City’s poor get relief, cops avoid liability suits — fruits of administrative notice

East Ridge, Tenn., having been notified about limits of the state transportation law, should act to protect its officers from litigation if they over-enforce Tenn. Code Ann. Title 55, which grants police powers only over commercial users of the roads. (Photo East Ridge city government) Tennessee has a reasonable and just transportation law. But East […]

Chattanooga — sanctuary city right wing would love (under administrative notice)

David Tulis of 92.7 NoogaRadio gives a 4-minute followup chat with members of Chattanooga city council to tell more about his transportation administrative notice that notifies the city of limits to Tennessee law as touching the use of cars, trucks and motorbikes on the public right of way. He says by curbing cops’ illicit use […]

Transportation administrative notice Tennessee

Chattanooga police officers in two cruisers enforce Title 55 of the Tennessee Code Annotated against a man on state highway 153 who is, by rebuttable presumption, a driver and an operator of a motor vehicle — but who may just be a private traveler caught in a legal snare set up by local officials in […]

Journalist gives city administrative notice on limits to police power

Police officers in Chattanooga conduct a transportation stop against a traveler who, under legal presumption only, is involved in transportation. (Photo David Tulis) David Tulis in Chattanooga city council chambers after giving the corporation administrative notice about the limits of police authority to enforce transportation law on all users of the public right of way. […]

Improving prod upon officials — the idea of administrative notice

The Rachel Jackson building in Nashville houses the state department of correction, an executive branch agency operating under administrative law. (Photo Google Maps) We have been exploring the process of administrative notice as a possible — even theoretical — remedy to the problem of legal immunity claimed by state actors who abuse their office and […]

Administrative notice tells city its authority is limited

Carol Gaddy and her son, Kelly, speak with supporters at the Sequatchie County jail in Dunlap, Tenn., after her release on a criminal contempt charge. (Photo David Tulis) The Gaddy case in Sequatchie county pits a homeowner against the corporation called City of Dunlap in which officials are demanding right of “inspection” of Thomas and […]

Unity Group hears about police powers notice

Transportation administrative notice is a remedy for the plague of police abuse, I tell members of the unity group Sunday night. I am asked to give a presentation about police abuse and a blockade I have prepared against police along a pathway cops use for easy access to black people and others. By David Tulis […]