CDC proposes indefinite detainment, forced vaccination, unlimited surveillance for travelers

We have until October 14 to give the CDC feedback on its proposed rule. Go to and tell CDC what you think!  By Chiara King The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to amend its quarantine regulations. These Proposed Rules will allow CDC and its agents to perform MANDATORY […]

Thanks to mom, homeschooling’s social capital will aid crisis ahead

Members of a Chattanooga-area homeschooling chapter of Heritage Girls take part in a parade. (Photo Shannon Conkle) The state has supplanted neighborliness and community with bribery and entitlements, but you know your old dad, 89, is fine for now in his little house at street’s end, and your littlest daughter brings him his morning paper […]

Activist grower unites city dwellers, 9 Mennonite farmers in area

Farmer Steve Bontekoe tells about his Harvest Box program in which city folks subscribe to him and his nine Mennonite farmers and receive every week a bulging container of fresh vegetables grown and harvested in a sustainable way. (AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio). Tweet Pin It

Basis of rebuilding local economy: Local agriculture

Franklin Sanders of Highpoint, Tenn., calls for the power of local economy to fill the gaps that will be left in the progressive collapse of national government and a souring national economy. 47 minutes. Tweet Pin It

The self-sufficing farm vis a vis industrial economy

Tools of the farming trade. (Photo Brian Miller) By Brian Miller It was late afternoon when I stopped at a friend’s farm. An invitation to sample three new homebrews and some freshly sliced prosciutto from a 2-year-old ham had been issued. The short drive found me passing dozens of small homes and farms. None of […]

Tasch argues for slow money, local economy in Chattanooga

People who “trade” in local economy gather around tables at the Ooltewah nursery near Chattanooga. (Photo By David Tulis In October 2014 an erroneous order to transact shares totaling F$617 billion — greater than the size of Sweden’s economy — were piped into the Japan stock exchange. The requests for 67.78 trillion yen were […]

The hidden value of gardens in building local economy

Chattanoogans learn the value of local food and urban farms at Crabtree Farms. (Photo By Charles Hugh Smith Much of the community economy is invisible to market discovery of price/value. Long-time readers know I tend to see the big issues of our era in small things. For example, I see capitalism’s primary flaw — […]

Genetic apocalypse? Monsanto ‘data’ pollutes wheat; a farmwife wonders

The protest May 22 of about 250 Chattanooga area people against the agricultural giant Monsanto came exactly a week before the U.S. department of agriculture announced what observers say is a potential agricultural and economic disaster involving the company. The USDA is launching an investigation after receiving notice from Oregon State University that gene-altered wheat […]

Monsanto, big food hustle ahead with altered fare in GM health nightmare

BT cotton is proving a disaster in India, causing rashes, death in animals and thousands of farmer suicides. An excerpt from the important film, “Genetic Roulette.” Note: Chattanooga-area critics of Monsanto will conduct a rally and march against GMOs on May 25, a Saturday. The group will gather at Miller Park downtown. The destination is […]