Powerful banks + corrupt judges = fraud in TN

Some people and big-money institutions live by a different set of rules and laws from the rest of us. Take the case of Reliant Bank v. Bush in Williamson County and now again before the Tennessee Supreme Court. By Byron Bush / ABetterTennessee.com ANY decision heard by a court of law can be justified or […]

City harasses tough-talking jailhouse cleric Brooks for bridge tunes

Nathan E. Brooks is a volunteer jailhouse minister who says he aggressively used the federal oppression statute when he was a practicing attorney. Today he is on the sunny walking bridge in downtown Chattanooga and is challenging SEI, the city’s contractor security company, to forbid him to strum his guitar, sing and accept donated coins […]

Velocity 2040 plan discounts beauty of unorganized free market

The Velocity 2040 proposal for Chattanooga is a civic vision of the city 20 years out as seen by the local chamber of commerce. In the alternative is a free market perspective that is not a vision, but a fruit — the fruit of growth and liberty that does not constitute a coherent reportable vision. […]

Gig City opts to renew snoop in Internet ban on rentals

City council with little discussion Tuesday voted to enter into an option to renew a surveillance contract with Host Compliance LLC, which says it “makes it easy for municipalities to implement and enforce fair and effective short-term rental rules,” and also ones that are flatly unconstitutional. By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 On its website […]

Less socialism, more free markets, Tubman M-1 rezoning backer says

A local economy booster wins a vote in city council to go all out in the rezoning of a vacant tract of land that once bore a federal slum for welfare clients. By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 City council vote 7 to 1 tonight to designate the former Harriet Tubman housing development site as […]

TVA seizes 72 acres in instant; landowner cries foul

A photo montage posted by Stop Dextroying  Tennessee Farms on FB. Greg Vital is in the top right photo. Bottom photo, signs declaring the matter of property rights in simplest form.  Local landowner Greg Vital and two other property owners are fighting for their property rights as TVA has obtained a condemnation order against them […]

City rejects visitors, says they cannot stay in Airbnb houses if hosts not live there

Refugees from Atlanta, Scott and Melissa Mainwaring of Chattanooga are shocked that city council rejects their plea to have Airbnb in a house bought for investment income in Highland Park. (Photo David Tulis) A young woman is increasingly enchanted by Chattanooga, thanks to her stays at Airbnb homes, and moves here with her husband to […]

Council chokes residents’ financial windpipes 6 more months, keeps Airbnb ban

Rebecca Little is fighting for the right to run Airbnb. Here she is in city court after being dunned by Mayor Andy Berke’s economic development people on accusations that she is involved in economic development. (Photo David Tulis) City council members met with mayoral staffer Donna Williams Tuesday and will do nothing to overturn their […]

Without traffic stop reform, human flourishing in Tennessee will suffer

A truck overturns and rumbles to the side of Interstate 75 in Chattanooga. Trucking is subject of police regulation because it affects the public interest and seeks a profit on the people’s roads. (Photo WTVC Newschannel9.com) Until we have Title 55 reform in Tennessee, we will have damage in society by state actors against human […]

Mott decries harsh cops, exclusion of poor, demands city change

Marie Mott of 92.7 NoogaRadio and an independent social activist excoriates Chattanooga city council members as religious hypocrites for issuing prayers to God but not reining in police nor stopping the forced exodus of the poor from cheap rental houses as the market determines better use of the land (“gentrification”). (Photo Facebook at NoogaRadio) City […]