Trickle-down learning for mom; what homeschoolers teach us

These books are those in my stack, some of which wobble on my nightstand. (Photo Joy Cherrick) The more I read, the more children will read, as this son under a grand map. (Photo by Joy Cherrick) Intellectual life shifts from outside work to homeschooling By Joy Cherrick One of the most surprising aspects of […]

Homeschool expo spreads benefits among city families

Moms crowd the exhibitors at the homeschool expo, set for Camp Jordan on July 20, 21, an annual event serving home educating families and others who care about the best for their children. Boys look over offerings at the home education expo set this year for July 20, 21 at Camp Jordan in East Ridge. […]

Beyond textbooks at homeschool expo; Power of games, field guides

Girls and mom talk with an exhibitor at the annual homeschool expo in East Ridge set July 20, 21. Here’s the game Pictionary. When my kids were growing up, I set aside $300 to spend at the curriculum fair every year. Your budget may be bigger or smaller. You may be looking for actual curricula […]

Homeschool expo puts educational choices in your hand

A homeschool curriculum fair goer sneaks in private reading from a vendor’s table at the homeschool expo at Camp Jordan. Members of the CSTHEA yearbook staff look over the latest production at the homeschool expo, held this yearJuly 20 and 21, a Friday and Saturday. Hundreds of families attend the homeschool expo, an annual event […]

Abigail Tulis available for portraits, murals, art projects

Abigail Tulis at work in Culemborg, Netherlands. (Photo Huub Claessens) Abigail Tulis, your editor’s daughter, is fruit of a Christian family and sturdy upbringing in Christ’s covenant with His people. The New York artist is in Chattanooga for a few days, visiting family and helping tend to an ailing grandmother. Abigail, 26, is the eldest […]

How many children would have to die for Hammond to shut schools? 5? 17? 23?

Sheriff Jim Hammond addresses the press after speaking to the school board about ways to prevent a massacre or stop one while in progress. He has not been convinced to exercise his authority as the most powerful peacekeeper in Hamilton County, Tenn., to close public schools and thereby save lives. (Photo David Tulis) If closing […]

Cobbler with ‘peach of a wife’ looks for apprentice

Michael Scallia polishes a freshly repaired boot, a job he would have gladly offloaded to an apprentice — if he could only find one for Buddy’s shoe repair in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis) All across the Chattanooga area are business  owners who would love to have a chance to meet your teenage son or daughter […]

Esprit gives educators, families much for which to be grateful

Do sons know how to defend the innocent? Esprit newsletter gives you much for which to be grateful this Thanksgiving holiday season. One is a heritage of liberty given us by our Pilgrims forebears. But do our husbands and sons know how to defend their legal rights — or stand up for victims of abuse? […]