Bucket of woe, thimble of hope in Phillips ‘Unraveling of America‘ book

Abolitionists are blocked from view by a pro-abortion demonstrator holding forth a satanic argument, both on sign and by hand. The Rev. Don Phillips’ book Unraveling of America truly sees the nation’s people under judgment, but proposes no way by which they can be redeemed and restored. The book by a noted minister of the […]

Cops, ATF aim guns at 6 children in wrong-house military raid near Eastgate

The six children of Tameka Parker were held at gunpoint as U.S. agents and city police demanded to search a house in a fruitless hunt for a fugitive. (Photo David Tulis) Jesse Parker is a gospel minister and public school teacher whose private house was raided without a warrant, and who was bullied into giving […]

Doctor’s 1966 warning vs. Medicare prophetic: ‘You’ll become clerk’

Dr. Curtis Caine, 96, residing at Morning Pointe of Hixson, has defied the state-owned medical establishment all of his professional career, at the start of which he refused to participate in Medicare. By Curtis W. Caine JACKSON, Miss., May 1, 1966 — Dear esteemed colleague, the time has come. You will now decide whether or […]

Pastor’s letter supports parents religious exemption against vaccines

Brainerd Hills Presbyterian church is on East Brainerd Road in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis) Under Tennessee law, a parent who does not wish to have vaccines for a child can obtain a religious exemption. This is a signed and written statement by the parent, citing those beliefs against vaccination that are religious in nature. The […]

Lassitude grips city council as members do busywork, ignore Berke violence

Sharee Robinson-James, left, talks with police official Danna Vaughn about private criminal activity outside a city nightclub while, background, city council member Erskine Oglesby, left, chats with a staffer for Mayor Andy Berke. (Photo David Tulis) A great lassitude seems to afflict the residents of Chattanooga and keeps them from being angry about the abuse […]

‘Practicing the King’s Economy’ puts God’s heart into capitalism, welfare

People depart after worship at North Shore Fellowship in Chattanooga, a church where civil engagement and justice are taught as part of Christians’ mercy upon the world. Author Robby Holt is pastor. (Photo David Tulis) Pot luck beats soup kitchens as Christians develop personalistic, open and charity-oriented ideals of local economy, entrepreneuership and free market. […]

When ‘good people’ require a permit, look what we lose

To have a prosperous society under godly self-government and constitutional protection, we will want to pare back state licensing and permitting schemes that limit and restrain harmless and innocent noncriminal people. (Courtesy NoogaRadio 92.7) Tweet Pin It

By dismissing 3 Airbnb cases, city holds up illegal rule

This is the house at 3610 Ansel Circle in Hixson from which Amanda Cobb, a single mom, hopes to derive financial sustenance — if only Chattanooga city government would not be illegally banning her private activity. (Photo Google Maps) The city attorney’s office on Thursday let slip three civil defendants who had offended the city’s […]

Trickle-down learning for mom; what homeschoolers teach us

These books are those in my stack, some of which wobble on my nightstand. (Photo Joy Cherrick) The more I read, the more children will read, as this son under a grand map. (Photo by Joy Cherrick) Intellectual life shifts from outside work to homeschooling By Joy Cherrick One of the most surprising aspects of […]