In redress of real estate grievance, Gravitt spikes ‘proof of ownership of the roads’

Marc Gravitt, the Hamilton County register of deeds, refuses to record a power of attorney and notice that is part of a first amendment and racial reconciliation project — namely, transportation administrative notice. Here sits a courageous man with Cleo Coker Gravitt, Ethan White and Esther Helton, an East Ridge city councilwoman running for the […]

Judge halts TN’s driver license abuse, but keeps deep state scheme alive

A federal judge has halted driver license revocations against people too poor to pay court fines and fees, such as the families of these African-American children living in a government housing project who are most injured by the department of safety and homeland security program. (Photo Chattanooga Police Department) A federal judge shot down Tennessee […]

How Berke could win all sides by restraining cops, ordering ’open’ city

Mayor Andy Berke speaks with members of the audience at a campaign debate at UTC in 2017. (Photo David Tulis) I realize it will take a while for the policy and political implications of transportation administrative notice to take effect. For busy men such as Mayor Andy Berke and city attorney Wade Hinton, it will […]

Queries militant for TN governor candidate: Do you care for liberty?

Tennessee seizes travelers’ goods along the highways in the name of the federal drug war. (Photo Tennessee Highway Patrol) It’s been hard to take seriously the campaign for governor in Tennessee. Much of the discourse overlooks issues of liberty and constitutional restraints upon government. My questions are obnoxious, and while they would inject spice into the […]

Your shantytown is my housing free trade zone

Scrap lumber like this on a construction project on Main Street of Chattanooga would be recycled by homeless people for their own “free trade zone” dwellings. (Photo David Tulis) A worksite dumpster could become the “home depot” of homeless people if they could build their own dwellings in an unregulated housing free trade zone in […]

Soddy-Daisy sculptor, 23, figures in book by Dutch lensman

Abigail Tulis is a sculptor and painter reared in Soddy-Daisy, Tenn., who is the subject of a photo art book. (Photo Huub Claessens in “Dutch Soldier”) By David Tulis The first graduate from the Tulis homeschool academy in Soddy-Daisy, Tenn., is the subject of a book by Dutch photographer Huub Claessens. The book is Dutch […]

Homeschooling grad finds liberty stifling; she’s 19, says can’t get legal ID

Alecia Pennington is trying to get help so she can have a legal ID and become visible to government and to corporations. (Photo Help Me Prove It on Facebook) An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.” – G.K. Chesterton, On Running After One’s Hat, All Things Considered, […]

Unpaid moral debts of DesJarlais reflect unpayable IOUs of the people

Dr. Scott DesJarlais, as seen on his re-election website, looks over an X-ray of a patient in Jasper, Tenn. By David Tulis The re-election of federal Rep. Scott DesJarlais to an East Tennessee district puts us in mind of the Massachusetts Body of Liberties that the Puritan founders in the colonies drafted in the 1640s […]