Doctor’s 1966 warning vs. Medicare prophetic: ‘You’ll become clerk’

Dr. Curtis Caine, 96, residing at Morning Pointe of Hixson, has defied the state-owned medical establishment all of his professional career, at the start of which he refused to participate in Medicare. By Curtis W. Caine JACKSON, Miss., May 1, 1966 — Dear esteemed colleague, the time has come. You will now decide whether or […]

Pastor’s letter supports parents religious exemption against vaccines

Brainerd Hills Presbyterian church is on East Brainerd Road in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis) Under Tennessee law, a parent who does not wish to have vaccines for a child can obtain a religious exemption. This is a signed and written statement by the parent, citing those beliefs against vaccination that are religious in nature. The […]

Christianity envisions radical political, economic decentralization

If God blesses the trend toward radical decentralization, Chattanooga city hall will become increasingly important, Nashville and Washington, D.C., less. (Photo David Tulis) The basic premise of localism—and therefore, the basic premise of what I call “County Rights”—is that civil government power should be as decentralized as possible. This is the heart of the program. […]

How local economy ideal creates social capital, local mercies

How idea of local economy brings social capital to individuals, families in beleaguered hometown. Dustin Sprick, a homeschool dad and telecommuting programmer, and David Tulis. Today and tomorrow. (Two segments, 20 minutes each; courtesy NoogaRadio) Tweet Pin It

‘Vaxxed’ tour collects vaccine injury stories in Chattanooga

A demonstrator urges people to investigate the CDC coverup of MMR vaccination injuries. (Photo TN Coalition for Vaccine Choice on Facebook) The group that made the band movie “Vaxxed” will be in Chattanooga on Monday to film vaccine injury stories from people like you. Polly Tommey, the British producer of the movie that was blockaded […]

Care for seasoned citizen teaches sons commitment to family

Life Care Center of Hixson therapists Priscilla Clemons and Sarah Burkhart train Marianne Tulis how to slip from wheelchair to auto seat. (Photos David Tulis) Last of four home educated children still getting lessons, Jacob Tulis, 13, will learn grace in helping parents tend an infirm grandmother. An important benefit of homeschooling is that it […]

Hitchcock gives ‘direct care’ relief for national economy constipation

Dr. Rick Hitchcock chats with a senior citizen in his new “direct care” medical practice in Hixson. (Photo David Tulis) By David Tulis Dr. Rick Hitchcock and other Chattanooga doctors are living out the local economy response to a bad case of constipation in the national economy. With ObamaCare effectively nationalizing the medical insurance industry, […]

Doc flees med Titanic, gives ’direct care’

Dr. Matthew Hitchcock of Chattanooga, a former Navy physician, has launched a direct care clinic that avoids insurance and government third-party payers. For F$100 a month, he can oversee care for a senior citizen. He charges less for younger people, and offers super-cheap meds and tests because he is a cash customer. 20 minutes Tweet […]

One downed motorbike, one hurt son, one smart alternative to insurance

A Tulis son injured in a motorbike accident is model for this soldier drawing. A wrist injury delayed the young man’s entry into the U.S. Marine Corps. (Drawing Abigail Tulis) An event Sept. 29 in Chattanooga examined the benefits in medical crises of a cost-sharing Christian group, Samaritan Ministries, of which I am a member.  […]