City rejects visitors, says they cannot stay in Airbnb houses if hosts not live there

Refugees from Atlanta, Scott and Melissa Mainwaring of Chattanooga are shocked that city council rejects their plea to have Airbnb in a house bought for investment income in Highland Park. (Photo David Tulis) A young woman is increasingly enchanted by Chattanooga, thanks to her stays at Airbnb homes, and moves here with her husband to […]

‘Practicing the King’s Economy’ puts God’s heart into capitalism, welfare

People depart after worship at North Shore Fellowship in Chattanooga, a church where civil engagement and justice are taught as part of Christians’ mercy upon the world. Author Robby Holt is pastor. (Photo David Tulis) Pot luck beats soup kitchens as Christians develop personalistic, open and charity-oriented ideals of local economy, entrepreneuership and free market. […]

Authorities see policing limits as harassment of homeless adds to jail woes

Homeless man Henry Knotts talks about city government’s evisceration of a homeless camp under a bridge in Jauary 2016. (Photo TV 12 Chattanooga appears to be more blessed compared to other cities as regards its homeless people as city government is nowhere near as punitive as other cities in police treatment of homeless people. […]

66% inmates in jail unconvicted as system ignores ‘guilty mind’ rule for prosecutions

Accountable to voters, Jim Hammond, center, opens a re-election bid for sheriff of Hamilton County as supporters gather at an event Oct. 19 downtown. Next to him is his wife, Jeannie, mother of their three children. (Photo David Tulis) The refusal of the judicial industrial complex in Hamilton County to uphold Tennessee’s guilty intention (“premeditation”) law […]

No. 4 candidate leads others at UTC debate in plan for homeless

Chris Long, a candidate for mayor and the least well-oiled among four, proposes a free market solution to homelessness at a mayoral debate Friday in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis) Mayoral candidate Chris Long hinted at a free market solution to homelessness at Friday night’s mayoral debate among the four rivals as former council member Dave […]

Local economy in tussle among Long, Grohn, Berke, Crockett

Where are local economy and free markets in mayor race? Berke hermetically sealed. Crockett touting giant rail plan. Long insisting on stormwater woes. Grohn pressing grownups’ trade school. (Courtesy Tweet Pin It

Homeless advocate Galloway doubts housing free trade zone idea

Mary Ellen Galloway of Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga, talks about homelessness and options for their benefit. (Courtesy Noogaradio) Mary Ellen Galloway, executive director of Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga, talks about homeless families aided by her organization — more than 650 families and 1,200 children transitioning to self-sufficiency since the group’s founding in 1998 […]

Paternalism in housing — questions for the ‘good people’

Mayor Andy Berke and other candidates for mayor worry about “affordable housing” in Chattanooga, a concept that does not address homeless housing at the very bottom of the market. (Photo TV12) Here are my questions for well-meaning and high-minded people in Chattanooga who reject out of hand a proposal to allow a spontaneous bottom of […]

Grohn says ‘Housing free trade zone’ unworkable libertarian idealism

Larry Grohn entertains doubts about the idea of letting homeless people build their own homes and take ownership in small blocks of land. (Photo Two candidates for mayor are divided on a proposal to give homeless people small plots of land on which they build hovels or shanties, so that they might have a […]