City harasses tough-talking jailhouse cleric Brooks for bridge tunes

Nathan E. Brooks is a volunteer jailhouse minister who says he aggressively used the federal oppression statute when he was a practicing attorney. Today he is on the sunny walking bridge in downtown Chattanooga and is challenging SEI, the city’s contractor security company, to forbid him to strum his guitar, sing and accept donated coins […]

Dad says TBI in Chattanooga unlawfully detains him with help of city police

Total 100% fail by “law enforcement” officers. I was out doing errands with my little baby daughter when I decided to do an impromptu audit at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Agent Tommy Farmer ultimately detained me for about an hour. I was, as usual, engaged in a completely legal activity — but that didn’t […]

Driver license costs half a penny a day; so why not just pay?

A Tennessee driver license costs F$19.50 to renew and it remains “valid” for eight years. That’s 2,920 days for a Class D license, or 0.6678 cents a day. Slightly more than half a penny per 24 hour period. By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio State government and police charge people criminally, arrest them and hold […]

Unity Group hears about police powers notice

Transportation administrative notice is a remedy for the plague of police abuse, I tell members of the unity group Sunday night. I am asked to give a presentation about police abuse and a blockade I have prepared against police along a pathway cops use for easy access to black people and others. By David Tulis […]

Does attorney know legal landscape in city has shifted?

Attorney Robin Flores is a lawyer who regularly engages in lawsuits against cities and counties for abusive police practices. Mr. Flores, also a member of the NAACP, may be unaware that the legal landscape in Chattanooga has shifted in favor of the citizenry and against high-handed and gangland-style cop departments. How so? The earth moved, […]

‘Absurd’ petition would open tide of grievances, pol says

John Stevens is a practicing attorney of Huntingdon, Tenn., 3½ hours from Chattanooga and west of Nashville, and a member of the state senate who objects to anyone criticizing his profession and calling or his high place with two seats in the three branches of state government. By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio In a […]