Powerful traffic court defense if ‘driving on revoked’: Necessity

If you signed the criminal complaint against you (traffic ticket) and are in the crowd of people awaiting to confront your accuser, the hallowed State of Tennessee, you have a defense that came from the lips of the world’s most innocent, yet most accused, person. By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio And that is the […]

Lawyer strangles deacon; how UPL aborts charity defense for poor

UPL = unlicensed practice of law. It prevents Christian charity in the courts in TN because it forbids nonlawyers such as deacons from assisting and representing poor people facing criminal charges. This ministry is one that Robby Holt and John Tomberlin at North Shore Fellowship and other Christians would like to launch in the next […]

Queries militant for TN governor candidate: Do you care for liberty?

Tennessee seizes travelers’ goods along the highways in the name of the federal drug war. (Photo Tennessee Highway Patrol) It’s been hard to take seriously the campaign for governor in Tennessee. Much of the discourse overlooks issues of liberty and constitutional restraints upon government. My questions are obnoxious, and while they would inject spice into the […]

Across board, rise of executive military state brings death, destruction

Hanson Melvin sits in the waiting room of district attorney Neal Pinkston’s office, reading a perjured indictment Mr. Pinkston won against him that the DA dismissed the next day in criminal court. But Mr. Pinkston lets go two criminal cops who made abusive, perjured arrests, one of whom was aided by a conspiracy of officers […]

Where does state get standing to prosecute you in criminal case?

Tennessee highway patrol officers enforce the commercial transportation law on the state’s highways. (Photo THP) Tennessee and other state governments have a paternalistic view of citizens and no longer serve them representatively to protect their rights. Rather, they seek to lord it over the people for their own good by holding them in commercial subjection. […]

Prosecutors, judges, defense lawyers ignore TN ‘guilty mind’ law

Prisoners in Hamilton County often have been convicted without the state’s proving criminal intent for their acts, as required by state law. (Photo Wrcbtv.com) A dirty state secret: Ignore “guilty mind.” Culpable intent is required by Tennessee law, but judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys reject it. (Courtesy Noogaradio 92.7) 2 words from judges Poole, Statom could […]

Blacks in Chattanooga oppressed 10x

Hanson Melvin waits in the Hamilton County criminal court clerk’s office for a copy of his indictment. He had been kidnapped by a Chattanooga police officer, lied about and harassed by a gang of police officers after he’d made bail in May 2016. (Photo David Tulis) Tweet Pin It

‘Gig City’ flames lower as council imposes map on Internet

From left, Jane Pardue of Balharbor Neighborhood Association; Cynthia Stanley-Cash of North Brainerd Neighborhood Association; and Lee Earl and Pat Barley of the Balharbor neighborhood oppose gains of the digital sharing economy across city neighborhoods. (Photo David Tulis) Thick flak is bursting around Chattanooga as its Gig City global marketing brand, trailing smoke, drifts lower Tuesday before […]

Texas minister shows TN how to demand interposition in baby slayings

This building is the capitol of Tennessee government. The Rev. Steven Bratton demands officials in Texas — from sheriff’s officers, cops, mayors, lieutenant governors, governors, legislators — stand on God-given authority they possess to halt the slayings of boys and girls at abortion clinics. Babies are slain in seven clinics in Tennessee. In the Volunteer […]

Does church favoring privatized Christianity get its key essential wrong, too?

The Tennessee supreme court in Nashville is the judicial wing of state government. Neither it nor the federal supreme court “make” law, but the Obergefell gay opinion pretends to have leveled state laws on marriage. Does the gospel speak about limits on state authority? Without reformation, Chattanooga should not expect a better local economy and […]