City council rapt as Gray tells of iffy arrest, injuries to girl

Avery Gray, center, talks with broadcast journalist Marie Mott and Isaiah Moore, a repentant and married former gang member. (Photo David Tulis) A tearful Avery Gray recounts to entranced city council the arrest of her daughter in June, dragged by a city cop from a parked car downtown in a legally sketchy arrest. Mrs. Gray […]

Lawyer strangles deacon; how UPL aborts charity defense for poor

UPL = unlicensed practice of law. It prevents Christian charity in the courts in TN because it forbids nonlawyers such as deacons from assisting and representing poor people facing criminal charges. This ministry is one that Robby Holt and John Tomberlin at North Shore Fellowship and other Christians would like to launch in the next […]

Citizens to city council: Routine arrests ugly, hateful

David Tulis, Chattanooga’s “blogger with the biggest pen,” shows city council the narrowness of Tennessee transportation law in Title 55, warning that many abusive police arrests occur as officers operate outside its commercial scope. (Photo NoogaRadio on Facebook) Avery Gray is the angry mother of a girl arrested during an illegally arranged repossession of a […]

TVA roadside traffic stops, arrests ‘provide value’ for people

TVA cop Scott E. Stone has used an LPR to seize a family traveling in Chattanooga to question them about a mismatched motor vehicle tag on their car July 22, 2017. (Photo David Tulis) A woman explains why a tag on the back of her car is mismatched on state records to an officer (barely […]

Christianity envisions radical political, economic decentralization

If God blesses the trend toward radical decentralization, Chattanooga city hall will become increasingly important, Nashville and Washington, D.C., less. (Photo David Tulis) The basic premise of localism—and therefore, the basic premise of what I call “County Rights”—is that civil government power should be as decentralized as possible. This is the heart of the program. […]

No. 4 candidate leads others at UTC debate in plan for homeless

Chris Long, a candidate for mayor and the least well-oiled among four, proposes a free market solution to homelessness at a mayoral debate Friday in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis) Mayoral candidate Chris Long hinted at a free market solution to homelessness at Friday night’s mayoral debate among the four rivals as former council member Dave […]

Crockett’s quirky lococentrism, from Rio & boardroom to mayor race

Mayoral candidate Dave Crockett, left, chats with welder and retired Chatt State instructor Larry Ponder and factory owner David Stutz. (Photo David Tulis) Mayoral candidate Dave Crockett is 6-foot-5 and until recently wore a Texas 10-gallon hat that makes him even taller in the saddle, more expansive in his travel tales. Mr. Crockett is a […]

How national economy makes Chattanooga a wasteland

National chains are interspersed among locally owned shops in Hixson, Tenn., north of Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis) This is what our mode of production optimizes: ugliness, debt-serfdom, and servitude to politically dominant corporations. An insightful correspondent recently remarked on the striking transition of American neighborhoods from commercial districts dominated by locally owned businesses to streets […]

Does Crockett rail view contradict local economy perspective?

Dave Crockett, right, holds a pool cue on the campaign trail in Chattanooga, arguing for local economy with a boost from friction-free maglev rail paid for by a near-bankrupt Uncle. (Photo Crockett campaign on Facebook) The candidacy of Dave Crockett for mayor of Chattanooga highlights a problem in the idea of local economy and free […]