Velocity 2040 plan discounts beauty of unorganized free market

The Velocity 2040 proposal for Chattanooga is a civic vision of the city 20 years out as seen by the local chamber of commerce. In the alternative is a free market perspective that is not a vision, but a fruit — the fruit of growth and liberty that does not constitute a coherent reportable vision. […]

Gentry readies petition for remonstrance, asks for traffic stop reform detail

A remarkable project is about to be birthed in which John Gentry, a certified public accountant who resides in Goodlettsville, Tenn., tells the general assembly about innumerable grievances brought against the people by the dominant private interest in Tennessee, namely members of the bar — attorneys and judges, who operate as a combine to deprive […]

City council backs ban on use of Internet

Chattanooga council happy with unconstitutional ordinance — a ban on the use of the Internet. Why a blockade against 100s of families who could be doing Airbnb? To keep up pretentious and damaging defense of zoning and external controls of private property. (Courtesy 92.7 NoogaRadio) Tweet Pin It

Council chokes residents’ financial windpipes 6 more months, keeps Airbnb ban

Rebecca Little is fighting for the right to run Airbnb. Here she is in city court after being dunned by Mayor Andy Berke’s economic development people on accusations that she is involved in economic development. (Photo David Tulis) City council members met with mayoral staffer Donna Williams Tuesday and will do nothing to overturn their […]

Council passes petition for Airbnb despite fight by 2 neighbors

Tim Mahla, left, shakes hands with his dad, Walt, as John Anderson, an attorney, listens after a petition for Airbnb passes city council Tuesday. (Photo David Tulis) A family with a high-end house in North Shore won approval for an Airbnb use from city council Tuesday despite opposition from 2 neighbors who cited a litany […]

Mott decries harsh cops, exclusion of poor, demands city change

Marie Mott of 92.7 NoogaRadio and an independent social activist excoriates Chattanooga city council members as religious hypocrites for issuing prayers to God but not reining in police nor stopping the forced exodus of the poor from cheap rental houses as the market determines better use of the land (“gentrification”). (Photo Facebook at NoogaRadio) City […]

‘Double nickel’ traffic-stop reform = change of morals for city

Churches such as North Shore Fellowship downtown teach that the Christian gospel’s goal is the transformation of individuals and cities to be more loving — and more just. (Photo David Tulis) A city that adopts a policy of obeying Tennessee law regarding transportation and police traffic stops will effectively be altering its morals. Chattanooga is […]

Citizens to city council: Routine arrests ugly, hateful

David Tulis, Chattanooga’s “blogger with the biggest pen,” shows city council the narrowness of Tennessee transportation law in Title 55, warning that many abusive police arrests occur as officers operate outside its commercial scope. (Photo NoogaRadio on Facebook) Avery Gray is the angry mother of a girl arrested during an illegally arranged repossession of a […]