Gentry readies petition for remonstrance, asks for traffic stop reform detail

A remarkable project is about to be birthed in which John Gentry, a certified public accountant who resides in Goodlettsville, Tenn., tells the general assembly about innumerable grievances brought against the people by the dominant private interest in Tennessee, namely members of the bar — attorneys and judges, who operate as a combine to deprive […]

‘Interstate Tax’ Toney recounts beating, kicking by deputy sheriff

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Hammond deputies beat rap singer Charles “Interstate Tax” Toney to pulp in East Ridge, lacing their thumpings with profanities. Mr. Toney and his attorney, Lee Merritt, are demanding that all charges against Mr. Toney from the arrest encounter (assault, for example) be dropped and that Blake Kilpatrick, a detective, be fired. (Courtesy 92.7 […]

Protesters decry beating of singer Toney; council members flick out

City hall Tuesday night is lit by a spotlight that says police act like thugs when they should act like public servants. Nearly 40 angry people of color chase members of Chattanooga’s city council from their dais tonight by demanding justice and crying for deliverance from police thuggery in Chattanooga and Hamilton County. By David […]

City council backs ban on use of Internet

Chattanooga council happy with unconstitutional ordinance — a ban on the use of the Internet. Why a blockade against 100s of families who could be doing Airbnb? To keep up pretentious and damaging defense of zoning and external controls of private property. (Courtesy 92.7 NoogaRadio) Tweet Pin It

Council leaves citizens exposed to police abuse, cops to tort lawsuits

Chattanooga police officers Mr. Stone, left, and A. Peker say they know about transportation administrative notice. Cops in transportation enforcement are being jeopardized if department bosses don’t alter traffic stop protocol to account for the limits in Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55 that they today promiscuously enforce. A simple question will constitute a successful […]

Bucket of woe, thimble of hope in Phillips ‘Unraveling of America‘ book

Abolitionists are blocked from view by a pro-abortion demonstrator holding forth a satanic argument, both on sign and by hand. The Rev. Don Phillips’ book Unraveling of America truly sees the nation’s people under judgment, but proposes no way by which they can be redeemed and restored. The book by a noted minister of the […]

Cops schmooze with public as council apology eases Mott-Coonrod feud

Demetrus Coonrod, right, city councilwoman, speaks with Donna “Elle,” left, and Tippi Montgomery. (Photo David Tulis) Marie Mott and council chairman Ken Smith find points of common ground after city council Oct. 2. (Photo David Tulis) City councilman Demetrus Coonrod, humbled by a Christian mediation session, utters a public apology Tuesday to Marie Mott and […]

Mott decries harsh cops, exclusion of poor, demands city change

Marie Mott of 92.7 NoogaRadio and an independent social activist excoriates Chattanooga city council members as religious hypocrites for issuing prayers to God but not reining in police nor stopping the forced exodus of the poor from cheap rental houses as the market determines better use of the land (“gentrification”). (Photo Facebook at NoogaRadio) City […]

Will Mayor Berke rule — or overrule — violent department?

This chart on Page 17 of the latest CAFR — the comprehensive annual financial report — for city government shows clearly that police serve Mayor Andy Berke. Noah McLemore stands with a broom in the entrance of Footworks on Highway 58, where he was seized and harassed by fearful and anxious police officers serving Mayor […]

Notice project exploits fissure between law, TN policy, creates cause of action

People chat in front of Chattanooga city hall, wherein Mayor Andy Berke has been advised of the limits of Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55 and asked to halt enforcement against noncommercial users of the roadways such as hiphop artist “C-Grimey” Cameron Williams, photo below, giving me an interview at Wildflower Cafe, a man whose […]