Cops drag woman out of car under commercial transportation law

Diana Watt, after being handcuffed, is ordered out of a car; the officer is counting down the time for her to act before he drags her out under the commercial transportation statute at Title 55, which requires the state to exhaust its administrative remedies. (Photo Jalonda Oattes on Facebook) Police’s routine claims upon travelers are […]

If HUD rejects Christianity, it will not do anything to reduce poverty

John Anthony stands with Cory, a graduate of a Milwaukee project that teaches the basics in communication, resume completion and job interviews. (Photo John Anthony) Since the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has expanded its mandate to enforce these laws by labeling everything that is not equal, […]

Coal utility seizes Chattanoogans in ‘traffic stops’

A TVA spokesman says there is no limit on federal jurisdiction by agency cops, who are now performing traffic enforcement stops in police cars disguised as private vehicles. (Courtesy TVA roadside traffic stops, arrests ‘provide value’ for people Gun-toting free traveler argues biggest TN liberty case in 80 years TVA arrests family in traffic […]

Sky tattoo program gets more scrutiny as dangers persist

Deposits of coal fly ash show themselves in various stages of diffusion over the skies of Hamilton County, Tenn., on June 6, 2017. Notice how particulate matter streams away from the main body of the ash deposit. (Photo David Tulis) David Tulis listens intently to J. Marvin Herndon of San Diego, a crusty nuclear geoscientist […]

Obedience to God’s law would reshape courts, society, economy of city

If Christians work for several generations to live and love in terms of God’s law, city culture, mores, laws and systems would be transformed for man’s benefit and God’s glory. (Photo David Tulis) Christendom is the idea of God’s propriety in the affairs of man — and man’s widespread recognition of His lawful and loving […]

U.S. weather program pushes TN into drought, firestorms

Thick aerosols drape across a gap in haze caused by earlier aircraft deposits, as seen from my house in Soddy-Daisy, Tenn. Dumping of particulates over any part of the globe is known to help prevent rain cloud formation. (Photo David Tulis) Sky plumes often are laid in patterns to serve hidden government purposes, as here over […]

Evangelical vote will decide election

Hillary Clinton is a typical New York Yankee, confident in state intervention at every turn and the joys of foreign wars. (Photo For those who have followed past US presidential elections this 2016 campaign has to be one for the ages. The American electorate has seen everything from the rigging of “super delegates,” to […]

Constitution Party candidate Castle says more libertarian than Johnson

Darrell Castle in a YouTube video. He is asking for help in gathering 7,500 signatures to get on the ballot in Georgia. Darrell Castle is the Constitution Party’s candidate for president. The following are the questions and answers which were given through email. By Matthew Carr / Libertyhangout For any who may be unfamiliar with […]

As tyranny grows, Americans wait helplessly

In Brumidi’s painting “Apotheosis of Washington” in the federal capitol, the Americanized Virgin Mary makes war on fleeing sinners labeled Tyranny and Kingly Power. She is pictured just below a deified George Washington (not pictured here), and is equipped with pentagrams and the Roman eagle as her help. The Roman Catholic and occultic content of […]

Why national cataclysm is just ahead, & what to do now

This hurried talk is a 10-minute elevator pitch for coming financial disaster, and a 10-minute elevator pitch that is the solution: Local economy and free markets. David Tulis sketches the coming reckoning the marketplace will impose on debt-ridden nation-states and their consumption-oriented economies. (Courtesy AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio) Let me help you be […]