Pastor’s letter supports parents religious exemption against vaccines

Brainerd Hills Presbyterian church is on East Brainerd Road in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis) Under Tennessee law, a parent who does not wish to have vaccines for a child can obtain a religious exemption. This is a signed and written statement by the parent, citing those beliefs against vaccination that are religious in nature. The […]

‘Practicing the King’s Economy’ puts God’s heart into capitalism, welfare

People depart after worship at North Shore Fellowship in Chattanooga, a church where civil engagement and justice are taught as part of Christians’ mercy upon the world. Author Robby Holt is pastor. (Photo David Tulis) Pot luck beats soup kitchens as Christians develop personalistic, open and charity-oriented ideals of local economy, entrepreneuership and free market. […]

Cops drag woman out of car under commercial transportation law

Diana Watt, after being handcuffed, is ordered out of a car; the officer is counting down the time for her to act before he drags her out under the commercial transportation statute at Title 55, which requires the state to exhaust its administrative remedies. (Photo Jalonda Oattes on Facebook) Police’s routine claims upon travelers are […]

4 profiles in courage in Chattanooga — council hassles poor, Hammond hassles traveler

Chattanooga city council courageously votes to ban free speech by beggars in a pending panhandling ban. Only Demetrus Coonrod and Jerry Mitchell have objected. (Photo city government) Neal Pinkston prosecutes taxpayer watchdog Tim Boyd. Sheriff Jim Hammond hounds immigrant laborer Rodriguez for using car. Bradley deput cuffs man using phone camera. Darrin Ledford, other city […]

City slow to enforce misshapen Airbnb ban

City government’s appointee for economic development has been tasked with blockading economic development on the Internet. (Photo LinkedIn) It may be good that Chattanooga city government is bureaucratically slow in getting into gear its surveillance of the short-term vacation rental market. Donna Williams of the mayor’s economic and community development office has the unfortunate duty […]

Hammond says massacre risk too slight to shut down schools

Sheriff Jim Hammond chats with people in the audience prior to a school board meeting Thursday in Hamilton County’s barbed-wire fence-protected administrative compound. (Photo David Tulis) Sheriff Jim Hammond refuses to order a shutdown of Hamilton County public schools even though he describes them as being subject to a “type of war” — the gunman […]

Begging ban hits 9 pages of type + appendices as shopkeeps voice support

A red ribbon flutters toward the tarmac after William Green, cente, opens his M.L. King Boulevard eatery, G’s Detroit Sausages, a shop whose customers are frequently hassled by beggars. (Photo Facebook) Four opponents of a city panhandling ban talk local politics after a second city council meeting focusing on complaints about begging and harsh measures […]

Hammond mulls 7 questions on travel right, transportation privilege

Truck driver Benjamin Brewer, who kills six people in a 2015 Chattanooga crash, is sentenced under state and federal law for being an operator of a motor vehicle who violated the rules for commercial use of highways. Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond is mulling questions i sent him March 8 following a March 1 interview […]

Might we work together, dear reverend, to abolish this roadside human trafficking?

God’s people at Greater Friendship Primitive Baptist Church in Glenwood and others in Chattanooga have an interest to work toward ending a police oppression upon the people through the state’s commercial transportation statute. (Photo Google) The following is a thank you letter to a Christian minister who has just given me an hour to discuss […]