NAACP lawyer Flores’ suit vs. cop Piazza upholds human trafficking power

Cop-chasing Chattanooga attorney Robin Flores is suing a police officer and city of Chattanooga in a case that seeks relief for a humiliated black motorist but also upholds the white legal political establishment’s abuse of the traveling public. By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio In his suit Fredrico Wolfe versus city of Chattanooga, Officer Benjamin […]

Showing partiality is personable, honorable; but is it just, constitutional?

How is it that an honorable Hamilton County jurist allows his court to keep alive an abusive prosecution by city police and the district attorney’s office of a poor black woman who refuses to cave? Admittedly I don’t know the reasons why judge Clarence Shattuck in sessions court passes a rack of criminal charges against […]

Galinger rites tell overlooked truth: Cops are military

The funeral rites and processions for deceased police officer Nicholas Galinger are in full-flag military form for a reason. The military posture of his burial in Cincinnati intends to tell the public of heroism, sacrifice, duty, the public will, and the best of American public institutions. Looking at drone shots of the military procession on […]

Red Bank arrest alleges traveler Luman in transportation business

Jon D. Luman, 3512A Oakland Terrace., Red Bank, Tenn., is a carpenter and handyman and has a stubborn streak visible even today among hardy remnants of old-style Americans. In the summer of 2017, this married man and the father of three grown children had an encounter with a Red Bank police officer who arrested him […]

Dad says TBI in Chattanooga unlawfully detains him with help of city police

Total 100% fail by “law enforcement” officers. I was out doing errands with my little baby daughter when I decided to do an impromptu audit at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Agent Tommy Farmer ultimately detained me for about an hour. I was, as usual, engaged in a completely legal activity — but that didn’t […]