Dane Wigington reviews the weird weather ahead that comes from the artificial nucleation of the skies, bringing bizarre hot-cold conditions, 75-pound ice balls washing up on the shore of Lake Superior, car-crushing hail and remarkable emissions of methane as globally hotter skies cause oceans to warm and gas to be released from below. In 2013, 100,000 cows died in endothermic reaction when they were caught in a snowfall whose ingredients froze them to death in 30- to 40-degree temps; grizzly photos. A hundred degrees in Amarillo, Texas, one day, snow the next. 11 minutes.

Below, Obama team player and science adviser John Holdren discusses aerosol geoengineering as a theoretical, potential and future problem, the effect of which may be worse than the original alleged problem of factory-caused global warming. 8 minutes, including sky clips from a resident of an unidentified university town. — David Tulis

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