Intense banks of manmade cloud shroud Chattanooga skies after a day in which hundreds of jets flew over the city, laying sky stripes.

Intense banks of manmade cloud shroud Chattanooga skies after a day in which an estimated hundreds of jets fly over the city, laying sky stripes. 

This scene from my church in Brainerd suggests the intense level of aerial activity over Chattanooga, a civilian enclave not ceded by vote of the legislature as a property of the U.S. government.

This scene of apartment building roofs in Brainerd suggests the intense level of aerial activity over Chattanooga, a civilian enclave not ceded by vote of the legislature as a property of the U.S. government. 

Three sky plumes in various stages of decomposition in the skies Sunday of Chattanooga.

Three sky plumes in various stages of decomposition Sunday in the skies of Chattanooga. 

Jets that lay these streaks emitted chembos in their trails, light refraction events that followed their course.

Jets that lay these streaks in an overworked upper atmosphere over Chattanooga emitted chembos in their trails, light refraction events in an official pollution in the so-called war on climate. 

The U.S. government in Memphis posts this photo and gives an explanation of today's visitation as water vapor. (Photo Facebook)

The U.S. government posts this photo, said to be of skies over Memphis, and gives an explanation of today’s visitation over the state as water vapor. (Photo Facebook) 

Bizarre formations of sky tattoos over Knoxville. (Photo Marla Stair-Wood at Tennessee Skywatch on Facebook)

Bizarre formations of sky tattoos today over Knoxville. (Photo Marla Stair-Wood at Tennessee Skywatch on Facebook) 

From my house at Soddy-Daisy, Tenn. Every few minutes, a new scene.

From my house at Soddy-Daisy, Tenn. Every few minutes, a new scene. Oct. 19, 2014.

I see at least four such triangles in the sky as seen from a hilltop in Soddy-Daisy, north Hamilton County, Tenn. Routine passenger jet traffic?

I see at least four such triangles in the sky, this one from a hilltop in Soddy-Daisy, north Hamilton County, Tenn. Routine passenger jet traffic? Ambitious weather control using projected energy? Humdrum sun dimming? 

The Nashville area also is heavily treated today. (Photo Jason Sinard on Facebook)

The Nashville area also is heavily treated today. (Photo Jason Sinard on Facebook) 

By David Tulis

Hundreds of jets are flying over Chattanooga today (Sunday, Oct. 19) in what is nothing less than a breathtaking visitation. The demonstration begins early and lasts most of the day in spurts.

At church and during travels between Soddy-Daisy and Brainerd, I see three or four jets flying in diverse directions at any one moment. The sky is filled with crisscrossing plumes and great banks of cloud that develop as the trails enlarge and spread in the high atmosphere.

In a conversation at 7:30 p.m., a hunter friend, Donald T. Staton, and I stand in my driveway looking skyward, both of us with binoculars and me with a camera. We estimate that in the 15 minutes we chat 30 jets fly over in the high stratosphere, emitting plumes. Two or three planes we watch spews mist from the whole part of their rears, from wings and body, as if from an array of invisible ports. Other jets emit streaks that seem to begin from two or four points coinciding with their engines. We suppose the overflights might be government tests of a new jet, but realize it wouldn’t build six jets for a test, but test a single prototype. We suppose we could ask the EPA or Lovell Field about the flights, or call the U.S. military to ask “what’s up?” But Mr. Staton and I concur it would do no good to place phone calls Sunday evening, and that there’s no way for us to easily get an admission as to the jets’ purpose. Regular passenger jet service, we say, follows routine and dull paths; today’s show is extraordinary.

So remarkable is the aerial stage that my mother, Marianne, leaves a message on my phone: “I see big streaks in the sky, really something very special. I’ve never seen something like that. *** It’s not going to last.”

By my accounting, Chattanooga and Hamilton County in Southeast Tennessee are sky striped roughly every other day. Other days look like sky stripe days in result, but no jets are visible, suggesting deposit points downwind and a reliance on atmospheric drift.

The program should be understood to be of the U.S. government’s effort to combat “climate change,” as it is called, or climate overheating, the latter which has affected most parts of the world except the Eastern U.S. The program is much discussed in academic literature and at a geoengineering conference in Berlin as stratosphereic aerosol geoengeineering (SAG for short) and solar radiation management (SRM in ivory tower vernacular). What scientists publicly propose is already well under way by policy in many countries.

The jets are military Stratotankers or retrofitted civilian airlines whose flights are not marked by transponders and trackable on such websites as But I do not consult the website and cannot offer any difference between numbers of observed flights and those tracked. The jets I view appear to be civilian models

A bit of propaganda from NOAA

The national weather service’s Memphis unit on Sunday posted a photo of a chemtrail-laced sky and published on Facebook a lengthy discussion about how the plumes turning into clouds are harmless water vapor encountering subzero temperatures at 40,000 feet.

The length of time that a contrail lasts is directly proportional to the amount of humidity that is already in the atmosphere. A drier atmosphere leads to a more short-lived contrail, while an atmosphere that has more humidity will lead to longer-lived contrails. However, if the atmosphere is too dry, no contrails will form. If contrails persist for a long enough period of time, say on the order of an hour or more, they can spread out across the sky due to the prevailing winds at the level at which they formed.

Persistence of contrails is neither an indication that they contain some kind of chemical, nor that it is some kind of spray. As a matter of fact, sailors have known for some time to look specifically at the patterns and persistence of jet contrails for weather forecasting. On days where the contrails disappear quickly or don’t even form, they can expect continuing good weather, while on days where they persist, a change in the weather pattern may be expected.

This missive is similar to the 14-year-old FAQ by the EPA provided me by Bob Colby, director of the Chattanooga/Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau. Jet engines no longer leave contrails after years of improved design.

The material deposited in aerosols are long reported to be aluminum, strontium and barium, with little consideration given into the academic literature about their toxic effects on human health. Aluminum, in fact, the ideal metal to convert into nanoparticulate and emit as an airborne light reflector, is officially off the radar as a pollutant, Mr. Colby says, it being of no consequence. The EPA, in setting this standard of indifference, coordinates with other branches of the American government. Environmentalists in Chattanooga ignore SAG and SRM as a danger because of political allegiance to the government.

Roberts takes notice

Meanwhile, an important U.S. journalist has been considering the prospect of the sky striping program being a matter of policy, not just aeronautic chance.

In a recent essay Paul Craig Roberts explores several seemingly existential threats to the American people.

“The U.S. government’s efforts to geo-engineer weather as a military weapon and as a preventative of global warming appear to be real. The DARPA and HAARP programs are well known and are discussed publicly by scientists. See, for example, Search Chemtrails, and you will find much information that is kept from you. See, for example, and

“Some describe chemtrails as a plot by the New World Order, the Rothchilds, the Bilderbergers, or the Masons, to wipe out the “useless eaters.” Given the amount of evil that exists in the world, these conspiracy theories might not be as farfetched as they sound.

Bizarre weather effects

Paul Craig Roberts is a noted defender of free markets and constitutional government.

Paul Craig Roberts is a noted defender of free markets and constitutional government.

“However, I do not know that. What does seem to be possibly true is that the scientific experiments to modify and control weather are having adverse real world consequences. The claim that aluminum is being sprayed into the atmosphere and when it comes to earth is destroying the ability of soil to be productive might not be imaginary. Those concerned about chemtrails say that weather control experiments have deprived the western United States of rainfall, while sending the rain to the east where there have been hurricane level deluges and floods.

“In the West, sparse rainfall and lightning storms without rain are resulting in forests drying out and burning down. Deforestation adversely affects the environment in many ways, including the process of photosynthesis by which trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The massive loss of forests means more carbon dioxide and less oxygen. Watershed and species habitat are lost, and spreading aridity further depletes ground and surface water. If these results are the consequences of weather modification experiments, the experiments should be stopped.

“In North Georgia where I spend some summers, during 2013 it rained for 60 consecutive days, not all day, but every day, and some days the rainfall was 12 inches — hurricane level — and roads were washed out. I received last summer 4 automated telephone warnings from local counties not to drive and not to attempt to drive through accumulations of water on the highways.

“One consequence of the excess of water in the East is that this year there are no acorns in North Georgia. Zilch, zero, nada. Nothing. There is no food for the deer, the turkeys, the bear, the rodents. Starving deer will strip bark from the trees. Bears will be unable to hibernate or will be able only to partially hibernate, forced to seek food from garbage. Black bears are already invading homes in search of food.

“Unusual drought in the West and unusual flood in the East could be coincidental or they could be consequences of weather modification experiments.

Dusty gulch U.S.?

“The U.S., along with most of the world, already had a water problem prior to possible disruptions of rainfall by geo-engineering. In his book, Elixir, Brian Fagan tells the story of humankind’s mostly unsuccessful struggle with water. Both groundwater and surface water are vanishing. The water needs of large cities, such as Los Angeles and Phoenix, and the irrigation farming that depends on the Ogallala aquifer are unsustainable. Fagan reminds us that “the world’s supply of freshwater is finite,” just like the rest of nature’s resources. Avoiding cataclysm requires long-range thinking, but humanity is focused on immediate needs. Long-range thinking is limited to finding another water source to deplete. Cities and agriculture have turned eyes to the Great Lakes.

“Los Angeles exists because the city was able to steal water from hundreds of miles away. The city drained Owens Lake, leaving a huge salt flat in its place, drained the Owens Valley aquifer, and diverted the Owens River to LA via aqueduct. Farming and ranching in the Owens Valley collapsed. Today LA takes water from the Colorado River, which originates in Wyoming and Colorado, and from Lake Perris 440 miles away.

“Water depletion is not just an American problem. Fagan reports that ‘underground aquifers in many places are shrinking so rapidly that NASA satellites are detecting changes in the earth’s gravity.’

“If the government is experimenting with weather engineering, scientists are playing God when they have no idea of the consequences. It is a tendency of scientists to become absorbed by the ability to experiment and to ignore unintended consequences.

“Readers have asked me to write about Fukushima and chemtrails because they trust me to tell them the truth. The problem is that I am not qualified to write about these matters with anything approaching the same confidence that I bring to economic, war and police state matters.

“The only advice I can give is that when you hear the presstitute media smear a concern or explanation as ‘conspiracy theory,’ have a closer look. The divergence between what is happening and what you are told is so vast that it pays to be suspicious, cynical even, of what ‘your’ government and ‘your’ presstitute media tell you. The chances are high that it is a lie.”

Mr. Roberts’ essay is “Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out the Human Race,” His work often appears at

This bizarre sky stripe this weekend broke apart into dot in this photo for which I have elevated the contrast, to better show the phenomenon. (Photo Russell Stroud)

This bizarre curved sky stripe breaks apart into sequences of dots over North Georgia this weekend. (Photo Russell Stroud)

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