Sky striping, by all appearances, is a systematic laying down of stripes for the formation of clouds, as here in Northern Delaware (Photo Jeff Lasky on Facebook)

Sky striping, by all appearances, is a systematic laying down of white plumes to form clouds, as here in Northern Delaware (Photo Jeff Lasky on Facebook) 

Sky tattoos in various forms of decomposition mark a sky in Grury, France  (Photo Frederic Delfino on Facebook)

Sky tattoos in various forms of decomposition mark a sky in Grury, France (Photo Frederic Delfino on Facebook) 

Bizarre cross formations such as this one in Stokport, Manchester, UK, marked Chattanooga skies eight days ago of a Sunday. (Photo Rodney Bonk on Facebook)

Bizarre cross formations such as this one in Stockport, Manchester, UK, marked Chattanooga skies eight days ago of a Sunday. (Photo Rodney Bonk on Facebook)

By Dane Wigington /

In recent years there have been numerous scientists and scientific agencies discussing the challenges of global warming and suggesting ways to mitigate further warming from occurring. These solutions, labeled as “geoengineering,” range from the realistic and possible to the clearly impossible and absurd. Are some forms of geoengineering currently being advertised as a “proposed solutions” when in reality they are already taking place and have been for decades?

If geoengineering is occurring, is it a reasonable strategy to combat global warming? Or is it a catastrophic measure that carries with it lethal consequences? Geoengineering is being advertised to the general public as a way to mitigate some problems associated with global warming when in reality there are many other agendas behind the curtain.

Geoengineering is now

The massive elephant in the room is that geoengineering programs are very real. They are fully deployed across the globe and have been for at least several decades. Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) and Solar Radiation Management (SRM) are programs designed to saturate the stratosphere with reflective aerosols through the use of modified jet aircraft. Unfortunately, most scientists are either turning a blind eye to SAG and SRM, or are simply misleading the public intentionally as to the reality of the atmospheric spraying. These programs are cited in numerous patents and documents (about 150), are openly discussed in U.S. congressional hearings on weather modification and are outlined by numerous scientific agencies including the Royal Society, the United Nations and the U.K. Meteorological Society.

Those unconvinced of the current aerosol spraying deployment need only look more closely at the available data accumulating across the globe. Any truly objective and unbiased analysis can only lead to the conclusion that indeed geoengineering is occurring and there are devastating effects taking place.

Indicators of high-altitude geoengineering

1. Consistent horizon-to-horizon aircraft trails that slowly expand and merge until the entire sky is often covered with a blanket of artificial cloud cover and haze is only one form of SAG and SRM. There increasingly appears to be ever greater efforts to make the atmospheric spraying much more covert with shorter bright trails of sprayed disbursements that turn the skies a silvery white or that produce cob web like clouds or an atmospheric haze as mentioned. Any bright trail behind a jet that lasts for much more than a few seconds is likely not just a condensation trail. The “high bypass” turbofan jet engine is on all commercial carriers and all military tankers. This engine is nearly incapable of producing a “condensation” trail due to its design as 80% of the air that passes through this engine is non combusted. It is important to consider that much of the SAG and SRM operations occur over fully canopied skies where the spraying cannot be readily seen.

2. Elements such as barium, aluminum, strontium and manganese showing up in lab tests of precipitation in extreme quantities across the globe. For example, a lab test for a single rain event taken in Shasta County California in 2006 measured 7 parts per billion (ppb) for aluminum, already high. Less than five years later at the same location a single rain event measured 3450 ppb for aluminum, this is an increase of nearly 50,000 %. Aluminum is a primary element listed in numerous climate engineering patents.

3. Aluminum IS NOT among the aerosols migrating in the atmosphere from China, according to the California Air Resources Board (CARB, which does extensive air quality studies). Heavy metals DO NOT migrate such distances with the exception of mercury which converts to a gaseous state.

4. Numerous lab tests have determined that the soil PH has been radically altered in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. There is so much aluminum raining down on us that soil PH tests from Shasta and Siskiyou Counties (for example) have changed as much as 15 times toward alkaline.

5. Aquatic insect populations have also been severely affected by metal contamination in the formerly pristine watershed in regions of Northern California. Aquatic insect populations have declined as much as 90%, in the last decade according to studies done by 35 year U.S. forest Service veteran biologist Francis Mangels. A similar decline in terrestrial insect populations have also been noted.

6. “Global dimming” – the reduction in the amount of global direct sunlight that reaches the earth’s surface – has reached 20 percent due to the light scattering and reflecting metal particulates in the atmosphere. Global dimming studies compare the amount of direct sunlight that currently reaches the surface of the Earth as compared to 5 decades ago. Blocking the sun is the primary goal of “solar radiation management” (SRM).

7. Drought and deluge is now the norm around the globe. Geoengineering completely disrupts and derails the hydrological cycle which fuels extreme weather events.

8. Verified massive ozone holes are now present over the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Very harmful UVB radiation levels are off the charts, this is unfortunately not being reported by official agencies.

9. Atmospheric conductivity has increased radically leaving the earth more prone to increased lightning strikes.

10. The Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) has repeatedly called for “emergency war time scale geoengineering to avert a planetary catastrophe” unfolding in the Arctic right now due to the imploding Arctic ice cap and massive methane release. The paradox is that available data makes clear that the ongoing climate engineering is making an already bad climate situation far worse overall, not better.

11. The U.S. military has for decades stated its intense interest in climate engineering for strategic military purposes, i.e. “Owning The Weather By 2025.″ Top U.S. military leaders have repeatedly stated on the record that climate change is the greatest national security threat of all. It would be extremely naive to believe that the US Military is not completely involved in global climate modification programs. In fact, there are numerous film footage segments of military tankers spraying materials at altitude available for any that choose to investigate.

Climate engineering wondrous effects

In the midst of all this metal showing up in our soil and water, our forests are suffering huge losses. Forest fires are out of control around the Northern Hemisphere. Siberia is losing about 100 million acres a year to forest fires. Many other countries have had prolonged states of emergency from record wildfires as well. Drought, one of the main consequence associated with geoengineering aerosols, also is reaching an epidemic level this year.

It is important to understand how forest fires and drought apply to geoengineering. In addition to robbing the environment of moisture, an atmosphere saturated with geoengineering particulates also increases atmospheric conductivity. With the forest fuels at record low moistures levels due to the ongoing droughts, the effects of the SAG and SRM have proved a devastating combination as dry-lightning strikes have become wide-spread, fueling countless out of control wildfires.

Clearly, with geoengineering the weather on the earth can be modified by the timing and quantity and size of particulates being sprayed into the environment. This begs the question as to the true intent of geoengineering. Is it a potential way to gain power via control of the weather rather than a proposed solution to prevent global warming? It appears as though a primary motivation for pursuing geoengineering by the U.S. military is the strategic advantage offered by weather modification for numerous scenarios. Controlling the weather creates a powerful “force multiplier” for a nation’s military during a conflict. For example, if one nation were able to ground an entire country’s air force because of severe weather, or create a drought so bad that a nation is weakened internally and rebellion against its leaders takes place, a nation could win a war before firing the first shot. The U.S. military has historically been vocal about the desire to be able to modify the weather going back to the 1940’s, when they partnered with General Electric who was researching weather modification at that time.

For the third time, the president of Iran has stated that he believes his country is the victim of ongoing NATO weather modification assaults that have left his country in a dire state of drought. Officials in Pakistan have also made similar accusations. Recently, when the government of Thailand dragged its feet in regard to granting a new base in their country for the US to “monitor” weather changes (conduct weather modification?) they were decimated by record flooding. Coincidence?

To learn who profits from SAG and how aircraft disperse their payloads, please read the rest of this essay.


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