This screengrab is posted on Heidi Grubbs’ Facebook page in Chattanooga

This screengrab is posted on Heidi Grubbs’ Facebook page in Chattanooga.

A young Chattanooga women who makes readily known her disregard — even detestation — of the religion of Mohammad is fired from her job for making harsh comments about terrorististic Muslims in a private conversation overheard by a customer. She refuses to apologize. Belk terminates Heidi Grubbs and CBL bans her from its retail properties. She steps up the volume with statements in her car windows, including “Islam is not religion; it is a political ideology cloaked in pseudo religious trappings! Islam is *** Jihad!” A Facebook statement is  laced with sexually flavored profanities about that religion’s founder. Two days later on Facebook she avers: “Time for appeasement is over. Time for negotiations is over. The time for diplomacy is over. It’s time to take our country back.” — DJT

By Joe Newby /

A Northgate mall worker says she was fired from her job Saturday at a Belk outlet in Chattanooga. Heidi Grubbs tells in an exclusive interview that she was fired and banned for her outspoken criticism of Islam. A sign critical of Islam was displayed in her car window.

Grubbs did not deny that she made overly strong comments regarding Islam while at work, but, she said, the comments were part of a private conversation with a friend. Nevertheless, store management did not approve and terminated her.

“Heidi, You have seriously violated our policy which clearly prohibits harassments (sic) of our associates and customers for their religious affiliations and their national origin by displaying your signs on our parking lot and sending your disparaging texts to our associates,” said a termination notice. “What you have done is highly offensive and intolerable. For that reason you are being terminated immediately.”

Grubbs said she refused to apologize for her comments and her sign. She punctuated that by signing the termination notice, “Proud American standing up for my rights 100%.”

Her termination was followed up with a one-year ban issued at about 4:17 p.m. local time. “serious offense” listed by the ban relates to the mall’s “code of conduct,” which apparently means drivers cannot display signs critical of Islam on their vehicles.

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