Dr. Bill Warner, left, speaks to members of the audience after his lecture in Chattanooga explaining the threat of political Islam to democratic and constitutional government. (Photo David Tulis)

Dr. Bill Warner, left, speaks to members of the audience after his lecture in Chattanooga Aug. 24 explaining the threat of political Islam to democratic and constitutional government and Christianity. (Photo David Tulis)

By David Tulis

The gunman who killed five military men in a fit of religious Muslim fervor July 16 was not an extremist, but a faithful one living out the precepts of his religion.

So says Dr. Bill Warner in a lecture in Chattanooga that argues Muslims fight to win while Christians fight “to tie.”

The danger to Chattanooga and other cities in the U.S. is not Muslim people, but the Muslim religion itself, particularly Mohammed’s second revelation in Medina. His first revelation at Mecca comprises 64 percent of the Koran and is largely religious in content. The latter is 36 percent of the Koran and is largely about jihad — written at a time the founder of the Muslim faith was turning to warfare and invasion to spread his religious and political system. Jihad is the military and oppressive operation of Mohammedian thought that is Dr. Warner’s focus of study at the Center for the Study of Political Islam in Nashville.

Much self-contradictory material can be explained by checking the source. A peaceful statement came earlier, a blood-letting shriek of a command came later. The truer of the two is the later, held by the best Muslims.

Dr. Warner, 74, a former university physics professor, says he writes and lectures about Muslim political theory, primarily, because there are as many religious opinions as there are tens of millions of Muslims.

What convinces people to abandon Mohamedanism?

The Koran itself. He desires for Chattanoogans and people around the world who follow his work to know what the Koran, the Hadith (tradition) and the Sira (the life of Mohammed) contain. Of these three volumes, the Koran is the shortest. Knowledge of source materials makes many Muslims turn away in disgust.

Mohammed’s biography devotes 67 percent of its content to jihad, or blood and oppression (“strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers”). The Meccan Koran (the first) — none. The later Medinan Koran 24 percent, the Hadith 21 percent, for a total in the trilogy of 31 percent about violence against infidels. “If you follow [Mohammed’s] life you can go to paradise, and if you don’t you go to hell,” Dr. Warner says. The Sira explains what the Koran’s mumbo jumbo proposes, and tells what Muslims are to do against vanquish enemies.

Jews fare poorly, too. Muslims texts have more anti-Jew material than Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

So Chattanoogans should understand that the faith of Bassam Issa, a local Muslim spokesman, and Mohammed Abdulazeez, is devoted to a third of its texts to destruction of Christians and other “kafirs.” Jihad not “just a verse or two; it is a systemic doctrine,” Dr. Warner says.

He says Islam is dualistic in its doctrine, which can make it confusing and tricky. But Dr. Warner says it is possible to have an objective knowledge of Mohammedanism.

It is a civilizational doctrine, imposing a total view on the life of its adherents, covering everything of how to eat, have sex, work, worship, raise children, discipline one’s wife, keep slaves and atone for sin by public acts of courage such as self-sacrifice (aka suicide bombing).

Christianity is losing war

The problem is the U.S. is the church and the Christian people within, Dr. Warner says. They are unprepared for battle, unable to see the threat to their faith, their culture and their history. He did not identify the source of this problem in Christian theology. It is that majority report in Christianity that follows modern Baptistic theory initiated in the late 1700s by J.N. Darby. His millenarianism injected fear into Christianity’s worldview and reduced the scope of the gospel’s leavening operation to individual souls. Apart from the work of the reformed faith and the appearance of Christian reconstruction in the 1970s, Christianity has rendered itself a private belief system with little interest in law, education, history or warfare. It is a weak opponent to Mohammedanism, which Dr. Warner says is a total system of faith and practice.

Dr. Warner cited many instances in which the American church pulpit is preaching passivity and surrender against a force he suggests is more dangerous than statism, that familiar foe of Christian worldview that gained strength in the 1890s and the so-called Progressive era.

— Muslims are with U.S. aid emigrating to the U.S. in record numbers. One refugee on a packed 747 jetliner said he was the sole Christian on the inbound flight.

— Dr. Warner and other critics of Muslims have been purged from U.S. agency records and advisory and are viewed with hostility and dangers to public policy.

— Gov. Bill Haslam has forbidden anyone in Tennessee law enforcement to speak with Dr. Warner; only Muslim groups have the ear of state government.

— Christian publishers deliberately reject titles on Mohammedanism. Christian churches host dialoguing events that press the claims of Mohammed into cities such as Nashville. Christians practice niceness when they pressing conflicting claims based on the gospel of Christ as flatly contradicting the Muslim system of pillage and other good works.

— School textbooks in Tennessee denigrate Christianity and speak glowingly of Islam as a humanity’s highest form of civilization.

— A Nashville event pleading for aid of persecuted Christians drew 40 people, but a Muslim rally drew a thousand moors statewide.

— Christian ministers squelch discussion and debate about Christians worldwide who are either slain or forced to flee places such as Iraq.

Small steps

Dr. Warner proposed several remedies within the Christian world. Chief among them is familiarity with the tenets of the religion of blood. Christians must care for the persecuted and claim their cause. They must oppose oppression and reject the prospect of sharia, which turns all converts into dhimmis (“protected persons” who pay the jizya tax and are tolerated) who eventually disappear entirely, as from Turkey, once a Christian land.

He also asks his listeners to propose to state representatives and senators they pass the Tennessee Resolution, a statement of condemnation of Muslim persecution worldwide.

Jihad has filled the world with tears, Dr. Warner says. Sixty million Christians have been killed by Muslims. In Africa 120 million have lost their lives to the scourge ordered in the Koran and exemplified by Mohammed.

A place to start is voices4voiceless.org, which provides a copy of the resolution, also found on this site. Contact your state representative about it.

I purchased eight volumes by Dr. Warner from the book table for about F$50, written for laymen, including The Life of Mohammed; The Sira and Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, each under 50 pages. Dr. Warner’s Center for the Study of Political Islam has several works available.

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