Stella Hargrove, circuit court judge

Stella Hargrove, circuit court judge, insists Arthur Jay Hirsch face trial in her court Tuesday on abusive criminal charges

A man going on trial Tuesday on charges of driving on a suspended license and possessing a pistol sued two state attorneys and a state trooper involved in his prosecution, alleging they lied under oath and fraudulently used the judicial process to “humiliate an innocent commoner and destroy his means.”

Arthur Jay Hirsch, known as “the fiddle man” in Lawrenceburg for his Christian musicmaking in area nursing homes and hospitals, is demanding $35,000 each from district attorney Kim Helper, her assistant attorney Tammy Retting, both working out of the state’s office in Franklin; and Department of Safety and Homeland Security trooper Jeff Reed.

The lawsuit filed today in Lawrence County circuit court targets the trio in their personal capacity for “abuse of process, constitutional and statutory violations, conspiracy to interfere with constitutionally secured rights, outrageous conduct or intentional infliction of emotional distress [and] gross negligence.”

“May God have mercy on these people’s souls, because every day they are involved in ruining the lives of ordinary people trying to make a living, people who have done absolutely nothing wrong,” Hirsch said. “This case has just about ruined me. Reed lied under oath about my pistol and forced to deal with a $10,000 bond. He testified that I did not have the gun on my person — that I wasn’t ‘carrying’ the gun. But he cooperated with lies from the prosecutor when those people charged me with ‘carrying a weapon with the intent to go armed,’ a charge not backed by the witness.”

Central to the litigation is testimony on the gun charge in a four-count indictment against Hirsch. The complaint initially accused Hirsch of “possession,” which applies only to felons. Hirsch is not a felon.

“What they’re doing is called charge stacking,” Hirsch said. “They pile on counts to bully defendants into plea bargaining. It’s abusive — hurts people. It terrifies people. They don’t realize how exhausted we working people are of their intimidation and their phony goodness. They’re harassing and destroying ordinary people innocent of any crime — good ordinary hard-working people. These ‘crimes’ are victimless. All this over a statute that has been changed to allow for loaded guns in cars without a permit.”

“A year in jail would ruin me. Threatening me with false charges is about as as bad. A year in jail on the basis of lies is not just a sin, but actionable oppression. Prosecutors have a duty before God to harass the wicked and defend the innocent. Best you can call these proceedings are lawless and crafty, and they are offending God. They’re ruining poor people who have to defend themselves. You know, I am so poor I have to have a state-assigned attorney to help me.”

He continued: “I am doing this for the common laborer, mechanic, farmer. I am fighting for the poor person, the underdog. The Lord has called me to it. The prosecutor doesn’t walk on water like the grand jurors think. Prosecutors rely on the ignorance of the people to mislead and bring these wicked indictments.”

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