In happier days, Charlotte Whitaker toys with son Jaden before state government kidnapped him and severed his parents' legal authority. (Photo

In happier days, Charlotte Whitaker toys with son Jaden before state government kidnapped him in 2013 and severed his parents’ rights. (Photo

Is the state evil?

Is the state the source of peril, danger, wickedness, threat, injury and death to families in Tennessee?

Is the state the source of decapitalization, loss, loss of hope, decimation of capital. Or is it what Gov. Bill Haslam and his executive agencies pretend it to be — our protection, benefactor, the sum of a commonwealth? Is it the innocuous, cumbrous and inefficient institution presented in the press, and nothing worse?

By David Tulis / Noogaradio 1240 AM 101.1 FM

To discern any evil one needs a moral standard external to man, apart from any individual or institution. The true standard is the law of God, which in one proverb tells us what God despises. “These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren.” Proverbs 6:16-19

These sins are not just personal ones of which each individual is commanded to repent. These sins are writ large today; they are public. They are state sins. Biblical equity and and biblical standards of justice let us see evil in state government in six ways, even seven. When’s the last time your pastor has even hinted that state sins exist and indeed appear to be a judgment?

Here’s a short list how Tennessee government and the state of Tennessee behind it (as I am wont to say) violate God’s law and bring injustice among the people. The commandments implicated are the first (no other gods before me), the sixth (murder), the eighth (theft), the ninth (false witness) and the 10th (coveting).

1. Baby killing

By refusing to protect the life of the unborn, Tennessee government since 1973 has allowed for the slaughter of tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of children — possibly a million.

Attorneys and judicial branch they serve conspire to pretend that Roe versus Wade is a legal authority over the laws that previously had protected the unborn. The legal lie enabling this slaughter is judicial supremacy, a branch of progressivism that sees sovereignty in the state, not in God, and no place for the people themselves. Total deaths in clinics in Tennessee: 615,000.

2. Skimming the poor

Now think small scale for a moment, and think of the Tennessee Lottery Commission which was passed by a vote of the people after heavy propaganda by the state allowing a state-run lottery to pay for public schooling. This system is one of official theft of the gullible, the poor and those who don’t have any hope in God but whose hope for prosperity is in chance and gambling. A  state lottery is a tax on folly and it teaches the citizenry that wealth is not acquired by sweat, intelligence and self-denial. Rather than encourage people to hate folly and love wisdom, to hate gambling and to love service and prosperity, the state peddles fantasies. It feeds off the people to fund a unionized school teacher jobs program and its thousands of commercial hangers-on. The people voted the lottery into existence. Since 2004 it has skimmed F$14.2 billion from winsome ticket buyers.

3. School’s war on morality, independence

The State education system is a form of warfare against the independent spirit and the heart of the Free People. Yes Tennessee has a constitutional public education system but the operation this system is unconstitutional on one of his three legs. And that is the requirement of the Constitution that there would be mechanism to control who gets in the school system.

It’s not a school system for everybody; there has to be a control mechanism for entry. There is not one. In the school system, Tennessee feeds the people and their children a religious theory. That dogma can be summarized as progressive statism, materialism and evolutionism, all of which make men dependent on the state, deny the existence of God, deny the law of God and create a people pliable before marketers and the state. So-called public education is debilitating and dehumanizing. But the citizenry accepts public schools, expects public public schools to continue and count on the public dole to pay for the system.

4. Brigandage

Tennessee government is today’s highwayman. Highway robbery is a thing of the 19th century in the American states when brigands would waylay a horse-drawn coach on a hidden stretch of road and rob the passengers and the freight. The danger today is the police officer or the drug task force that stops travelers on the highway and seizes their goods. Civil asset forfeiture impounds vehicles, currency, valuable goods of people who are not charged with any crime and who are required to prove in administrative proceedings the seized assets are not related to drug trafficking.

Police agencies under the federal “equitable sharing” program stole as much as $69 million between 2000 and 2013. The Department of Safety, which has a grip on the outcome of civil asset forfeitures, opened 9,525 cases in 2014-15 and reported $13.44 million as the total dollar amount seized by law enforcement last fiscal year, according to In the two previous years, it opened 10,500 and 10,941 cases.

5. Child stealer

State kidnapping is a commonplace in Tennessee. Child protective services staffers seize children from the arms of moms and dads on the slightest pretexts, some of which are differences of opinion on medical treatment or care. Erlanger Medical Center’s policy of forcing medical STD treatments (erythromycin) on all newborns suggests the thinking of state ownership of children. The state used “shaken baby syndrome” accusations to steal the son of Joe and Charlotte Whitaker of Jonesborough in 2013. The right to rear Jaden was lost and the couple was criminally charged. State government has a financial interest in seizing children through federal funds via the 1974 Mondale act, or CAPTA, the child abuse prevention and treatment act. Children linger in foster care for years or are sold to adoptive parents; the more children in foster care, the more federal money. The state has 8,228 children and youths in its child welfare and foster care system.

“Keep in mind that termination of parental rights is in derogation of common law,” says Nashville attorney Connie Reguli. “That means that it was created out of thin air by lawmakers. What gives lawmakers the power to do this? It is nothing less than slavery which has been abolished. In this country you cannot own another person. *** How can we sanction forced termination and adoption?” In a case last year Mrs. Reguli sued to stop a termination of parental rights case turned against a man because he was a high school dropout.

6. Travel lockdown

Government is involved in another evil, and that is the effective suppression of an important property right. That property right is the right to travel. The state since it enacted its commercial drivers license statute in 1937 has pretended that there no longer is a right to use the public right away as a matter of constitutional right. This question has not been properly litigated or challenged.

The system pretends that all who use the public road are in commerce, and no user of the public right of way is allowed apart from commerce. That control is imposed by the purported requirement that all users of the road have a driver’s license and that they be carriers. The word carrier describes someone who hauls people or goods for hire.

Because the state has controlled education with a school system, the citizenry is unaware of its members’ rights to freely use the people’s highways and boulevards.

7. Rejection of marriage

The most recent and perhaps the most important evil wrought by the state of Tennessee is its redefinition of marriage. Yes, Gov. Haslam and the lawyerly classes that surround him are indignant that Obergefell v. Hodges opinion redefines marriage to include same-sex couples. But they pretend to be helpless at every point to deny, resist and declare irrelevant and impotent that June 2015 opinion.

Tennesseans for the next generations will be taught by court rulings that courts make laws, not legislatures. They will be taught that Jim-Joe unions are marriage of equal standing to the marriage that bought you into the world. That opinion promises over the coming decades to sow confusion in the public mind and into the hearts of children, especially those in state classrooms. The gay life is right and true, and it is law. The state will be there, vigilantly “enforcing” gay rights, spreading gay logic and gay law into every area of life.

Six things, even seven.

Is the well of iniquity empty? Or does a cup of wrath remain?

Yes, there’s a mug with the dregs: Unconstitutional coin and currency are enforced upon the people because the state refuses to insist that only gold and silver be recognized as tender in payment of debts. The U.S. constitution disallows the states the authority to issue paper currency, and disallows their agent the same means of escaping reality. The swindle of national economy against local economy in Tennessee continues without interruption even from the time of the so-called money wars of the 1980s. State and federal courts brushed aside these protests.

Anyone know a ninth sin?


Accusations of Shaken Baby Syndrome in Tennessee Destroys Family – Lands Parents in Jail

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