Sen. Todd Gardenhire serves the conventions of Republican and conservative government. (Photo YouTube)

Sen. Todd Gardenhire serves the conventions of Republican and conservative government. (Photo YouTube)

The right-hand editorial page of the Chattanooga Times Free Press has endorsed Sen. Todd Gardenhire for a new term in the Tennessee General Assembly.

The text by Clint Cooper  praises his work in the public education sector, including getting cheaper passage in college for illegal immigrants and defunding the queer office for  diversity and inclusion at UT in Knoxville (good job on that point).

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7

Its endorsement of this “principled, dedicated” senator is part of the establishment political narrative in Hamilton County. It isn’t capable of giving the reader enough food for thought so as to demand better of this pretended conservative and so-called free market-oriented political party.

The Republican party on the national side has brought the country into disaster and financial ruin, with the first of several days of reckoning near at hand.

The senator is shamefully for the state and not for the people. He is wickedly in favor of state efficiencies and mechanisms and cares little for the people’s rights per se. He does not see that their rights continually are being violated.

Overlooked abominations awaiting reform

The local economy and free market analysis of Todd Gardenhire is grieved by several overlooked oppressions.

No. 1. Todd Gardenhire has said nothing about civil asset forfeiture and the need to reform or abolish it. Because this state crime against travelers and others has no constituency, he has paid no attention to it. Civil asset forfeiture statute at T.C.A. 40-33-201, converts the state government into a highwayman. Your travel on the public right-of-way is free from private criminality. No longer do we hear anything about banditry robberies or thefts on the highway. The exception to that is the state itself through its drug task forces and sheriff’s deputies officers and police departments, which feed off of travelers to deprive them of their cash and their assets in the name of the federal drug war.

No. 2. Todd Gardenhire destroyed the concealed carry reforms proposed by the Tennessee Firearms Association and liberty-minded people. Mr. Gardenhire stood against constitutional carry, which envisions restoration of a constitutional right which today is wrecked by statute requiring armed citizens to apply for a concealed carry permit for the Department of Safety and Homeland Security. If someone carries concealed without a permit, he is accused under the “intent to go armed” statue, written against the black man.

No. 3. Sen. Gardenhire is part of commercial government. He is complicit in the false theory that holds that Tennesseans do not have a right to travel on the public right of way in a car or truck for private purposes. He is part of the pretense that says one can only operate a motor vehicle in commerce. Most everybody the state has been bullied into this legal position of being someone in contract with the state through application for a driver’s license of one kind or another. Private people do not need driver licenses to travel.

Most people in Tennessee act in terms of the uniform classified and commercial driver license act at Title 55, chapter 50. They are private people, but by application and signature place themselves under this law.

According to law, those who use the public right-of-way for commercial purposes and commerce are required to have permission from the state because they are making a profit on the people’s property, which is to say the highways. Sen. Gardenhire has done nothing to disturb this tranquil arrangement of deception that “requires” everyone to have a commercial relationship with the state, by application, to exercise the property right, constitutionally protected, of travel on the public highway.

No. 4. Sen. Gardenhire has said very little and done very little if anything  on the defense of marriage. When Obergefell vs. Hodges passed out of the federal high court in 2015, he was nowhere quoted, and made no visible steps to stand up on behalf of his constituents. Sen. Gardenhire, as do other Republicans, pretends that marriage belongs to the federal judiciary, and not to the people or to the states. He did not defend the state’s prerogative to regulate marriage, that being the  minimum he could have done. He did not defend the right of individual people to marry in common law apart from the state.

No. 5. He says very little about the need for constitutional government to defend the rights of the people vis a vis the national government and Washington, which continues to promise the blessings of servitude and despotism.

No. 6. He has done nothing toward the abolition of the killing of the unborn by medical practitioners in the state of Tennessee.

This end of slaughter of boys and girls is ideally brought about by pressure of the people against local sheriff. But because of the weakness of Christianity in America, the people are unaware that they have a duty to clamor for the end of this slaughter through lawful means. That protection being, of course, the sheriff, the highest military person in every county and the most important political office in every county. But Sen. Gardenhire does not have the unborn as regular, awkward furniture in his mind around which he must negotiate or work every day in office. Deaths of boys and girls should trouble him in his office and in his personal life as a Christian.

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