John Ballinger stands next to a bit of open roadway.

John Ballinger stands next to a bit of open roadway. (Photo David Tulis)

[He may be just a carpenter, but the Gnome of Strawberry Plains is one whose insights I always consider carefully as he is a miracle worker just like those commoners during “the money wars” in the 1980s who challenged the federal establishment over fiat currency and states that refused to obey the constitutional prohibition against anything but gold and silver in payment of debt or obligation to government. John Ballinger has worked his own miracles from years of legal research and evil experiences in courtrooms. In this exercise of common wisdom, he links two industries. One is insurance. The other is state government, whose success in deceiving the people and keeping them as customers should be credited partly to the work of Edward Bernays. Do insurance and government work together to make roadways more dangerous? Mr. Ballinger starts his answer with the neglected “driving issue.” — DJT]

By John Ballinger

Focus in on the driving license issue/problem so as to see the big overall picture of this matter. Fine tune the focus till you see that driving a motor vehicle on the road is a privilege. Focus in a bit more and what you see is this: Wrecks, injuries and wrongs on the road are dealt with administratively and not judicially.

Little if any due process of law, no probable cause, a jury trial for show purposes only, guilty until proven innocent and so on.

Now you can begin to see the big picture. Here you have what you can call a HEAD-ON COLLISION with what is known as governmental expediency.

Included in this big picture are millions of drivers and millions of autos. Wrecked cars by the thousands, thousands of people killed, millions of dollars in property damaged.

Some things that aggravate this problem: You can sell your liability to an insurance company. And then to help out the governmental expediency scheme pay the government bureaucrat a few dollars, sometimes more than a few dollars so you can buy your way out of any problem you might have caused.

What you see here is MONEY. Pay off the administrator and everything is hunky dory again.

Limit liability = increase risk

What do you think might happen if you could not sell your liability to an insurance company and you were responsible for your own actions? What do you think would happen if instead of paying off a government bureaucrat or State Farm, you had to answer to the LAW for damages you caused? Such a system is the old common law which holds there is no violation or injury unless there is a corpus delecti, an injury that is physical and visible.

The government is the No. 1 cause of all the bad things that happen on our roads and highways. But hey, the government is making millions and millions off accidents, mishaps and injuries.

Cut off the government’s ill-gotten gains, make people more responsible for their own actions and watch our roads and highways become safer.

Making driving a vehicle a privilege is nothing more than helping the governmental expediency scheme, a cash cow for the state, a cash cow for corporations.

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