This complex is able to hold more than 2,000 legally enslaved for their crimes by Tennessee courts.

This complex is able to hold more than 2,000 legally enslaved for their crimes by Tennessee courts.

Prison inmate Grenda Harmer is keeping up a barrage of letters complaining about abusive treatment among prisoners at MCCX, a state slave camp in Wartburg. A copy of a recent letter dated July 13 to Commissioner Tony C. Parker of the Tennessee department of correction says Warden Shawn Phillips is allowing MCCX employees to be abusive. MCCX is short for Morgan County correctional complex that keeps behind bars up to 2,441 people, with 120 beds designated “maximum security.” We are contacting the department for a reply. — DJT

Dear Commissioner Parker,

I made a promise to you that I’d be a pain in your side, exposing corruption and staff brutality. I’m a man of my word. Currently I’m working on proving you and Warden Shawn Phillips are engaging in conduct that, at minimum, violates TCA 41-1-103. My aim is to ensure you and Warden Phillips lose your jobs and are criminally charged.

You and Warden Phillips no longer need to meet my demands. *** I want you and Warden Phillips fired.

I’m working on getting certain medical staff (nurses) fired and their licenses to practice medicine revoked. I’m working on specific staff members who with Warden Phillips cannot are engaged in assaulting inmates and threatening inmates’ lives. I’m also working on PREA violations that staff are doing toward inmates.

Be aware there are some state legislators who are now taking notice as result of my hunger strike. Not only that, but on June 23rd, 2017, the radio show made my hunger strike a topic of discussion. As you can see, I’m determined to expose every dirty little secret at MCCX. Inmates are now coming forward. And there are a few MCCX employees who don’t like how inmates are being treated. — Grenda Harmer

Please read the Grenda Harmer letter about inmate Patrick Oliver, who has zero prospects on returning to civil society.

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