A Knoxville TV station confirms Rep. Andy Holt’s argument that camera-based traffic enforcement is legally unenforceable.

A Knoxville TV station confirms Rep. Andy Holt’s argument that camera-based traffic enforcement is legally unenforceable.

“Do you really have to pay those red light camera tickets? Well, the answer we found was, NO!”

— Amanda Hara, WVLT Knoxville

By Rep. Andy Holt

Folks, the truth about these societal leeches is slipping out, thanks to WVLT in Knoxville

Please take the time to watch this video & SHARE it! http://www.local8now.com/content/news/Do-you-have-to-pay-red-light-camera-tickets-439974703.html

The ONLY reason why most people continue to pay these illegitimate wastes of paper is because they are unaware (ignorant) that there are NO actual consequences of refusing to pay any photo-enforcement ticket.

Refusing to pay CANNOT adversely impact your credit report/credit score, your drivers license points, and/or your automobile insurance rates…so, why does anyone EVER pay one?

Tennessee Public Chapter 998 amended TCA 55-8-198 on April 27, 2016, by adding: “Non-payment of this [“notice” or “citation”] cannot adversely affect your credit score or report, driver’s license, and/or automobile insurance rates.”

Now that the Tennessee State Law is clearly established, here’s just a few answers to the frequently asked questions that people need to know.

Toothless claims

1. They are sending me a collections letter, so I better pay, right?

No. Sending you a collections letter doesn’t have any impact on your credit score & we addressed that in the 2016 change in state law.

2. How do I get these people to quit calling me?

When they call you, tell them that you are asking the to “cease & desist.” Tell them that if they call again, you will have an attorney call them.

3. An officer signed my ticket, so I have to pay it, right?

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No. That’s a printed signature & even if it was actually signed, IT STILL DOESN’T MATTER! Don’t be fooled by these lies.

4. What about “manned” photo-enforcement cameras in places like Henry, Bradford & Puryear, TN? Do I have to pay those?

No. Technically there is a difference in the law, but from a practical standpoint, they are enforced the same. I have advised people for years not to pay these, and have refused to pay them myself.

5. Is there a difference between redlight & speed cameras?

No. Both are illegitimate forms of privatizing police power for profit, and are equally UNENFORCEABLE.

6. I’m receiving letters from an attorney now, so I have to pay this ticket?

 Driving on revoked? Transportation Administrative Notice a TN remedy, 20pp

No. Just google the name of that “law firm” sometime! They are nothing but a laughing-stock joke!

7. The notice says that they are going to take me to court, if I don’t pay. So should I pay it?

No. You cannot be summoned to court with a piece of 1st Class US Mail. If fact, that is why I advise people to just throw away any & all photo-enforcement citations, because you have not even been given legal notice of any “violation.” Therefore, you are not liable & there is NO RECORD of your receipt of the “citation.”

If you have other questions, please post them on this thread, and I will make every effort to reply (please be patient).

I do want to make clear that these statements apply to Tennessee photo-enforcement camera violations. I am a Tennessee state lawmaker; I don’t know about other state’s laws.

The bottom line is, NEVER PAY ANY TENNESSEE PHOTO-ENFORCEMENT CITATION — ever — under any circumstances! I hope that is clear enough.

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