Are officials remiss in not pointing out that every dollar in tax receipts buys less and less because that dollar is issued by the honorable Federal Reserve Sysem? (Photo

Are officials remiss in not pointing out that every dollar in tax receipts buys less and less because that dollar is issued by the honorable lender of last resort for the U.S. government? County commissioner  Tim Boyd says Mayor Jim Coppinger’s budget is larded with wasteful spending. (Photo

In proposing a tax increase against Hamilton County residents, Mayor Jim Coppinger overlooks a great villain pressuring his government toward raising tax rates — one that has diminished the buying power of tax revenue dollars over the past seven years since the last increase. That, perhaps, plus wasteful spending, according to commissioner Tim Boyd. (Courtesy Noogaradio)

Tim Boyd

Tim Boyd, taxpayer watchdog on county commission

County commissioner Tim Boyd says a proposed tax increase for Hamilton County is misguided because the budget proposed by Mayor Jim Coppinger allows wasteful spending. In a letter Wednesday, he says Mr. Coppinger has not tried to talk with him about his proposal, and is not looking out for the interest of the taxpayer.

Cut spending, commissioner says

Due to the fact you have extreme difficulty communicating with me I will email you with my questions and concerns.

I will continue to scrutinize the County Budget and continue outlining the wasteful spending your administration keeps funding in our current budget.

Until you are willing to stop funding ineffective County programs in your budget, the public deserves to understand the gross fiscal irresponsibility of your administration.

Funding these ineffective programs shows poor stewardship of our citizens’ tax dollars and now, two months after getting your budget passed, you are asking our citizens to pay more taxe. I will continue to question your motives for funding these programs because they certainly do not add to the quality of life of our citizens.  Simply   stop funding ineffective programs and reduce the funding of several of the agencies the County supports which are not mandated by the State.

Until we consider amending the budget to reduce some of the spending, which does not effect the services the County must provide as mandated by the State to provide, I think it is unreasonable to ask our citizens for a tax increase.

I did not know which Commissioners you had discussed your tax increase with, but I am going on record as saying you never discussed this issue with me nor did you ever try to reach me even though my county phone is always at my side and I have my county emails in front of me eight hours per day while at work.

Because of the fact we have not had the opportunity to discussed your proposed tax increase privately I would like for you to address the following questions concerning the allocation of the $200 plus million outlined in your press conference.

1.  Please line item  how the $100 million is going to be spent for our schools?

2.  Will this money fund a new CSLA and Harrison Elem?

3.  Will we be following the last project priority list received from HCDE?

4. Explain how the $45,000,000 for a waste water treatment plant was determined and outline the use of these funds.

5. Please  line item the balance of the remaining funds.

I look forward to reviewing your outline of how the increased tax revenue will be allocated. (Tim Boyd, county commissioner)

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