Morgan county correctional complex houses inmate Grenda Harmer, who says administration arranged to have him injured. (Photo Google Earth)

Morgan county correctional complex houses inmate Grenda Harmer, who says administrators arranged to have him confronted by a gang member. (Photo Google Earth)

WARTBURG, Tenn., Morgan County Correctional Complex, Aug. 22, 2017 — Dear Commissioner Parker, in under 11 months time you and your subordinates have harassed me, retaliated against me, and now have deliberately placed my safety at risk all because I’m exposing fraud and other illegal and unethical conduct within the Tennessee Department of Correction.

That’s why I have been transferred to several prisons and wrote up on false disciplinary reports.

By Grenda Harmer, prisoner No. 88710

On July 10, 2017, I was assigned to Unit 23, Pod A, cell 111 in an area called “The Triangle.” (Note: While 22C and 22D are in the Triangle, the prisoners in this section are kept separate from Unit 23 prisoners because it’s the classification pods.) This is where gang members go (Unit 23) after completing their gang programming. ***

I was placed in Unit 23 in retaliation for my exposing MCCX crimes and illegal staff behavior. MCCX staff has even threatened my life verbally.

On July 28th, 2017, the pod officer for Unit 23, nicknamed Gilly, intentionally violated tialer management policy to have me robbed and physically harmed. At 8 p.m. officer Gilley opened the bottom tier for pod time. Then, after opening all the doors on the bottom tier, intentionally went to the top-tier and opened two or three cell doors of gang members. I know officer Gilley open cells 213 and 214 (I think he opened a third cell also). After opening specific gang members’ doors, Officer Gilley abandoned his post and went to the center core offices and stayed until around 8:34 p.m. Between 8:05 p.m. and 8:20 p.m. I was attacked by gang members of the Crips.

The gang member who entered my cell with a weapon is the same gang member who was locked up in segregation for possession of a homemade knife on July 18th, 2017, this was during a shakedown on July 18th, 2017, of the entire Unit 23 because someone and inmate gang member stoled a metal oven rack out of the kitchen. I was told staff only found half of it. It’s obvious there is a lack of security here.

I plan on filing a federal lawsuit to correct the fraud another it legal actions taken by you and your subordinate who intentionally hindering my access to the grievance process, my ability to file and process grievances. Grievance chairman Cpl. Monkhouse is intentionally hindering my access to the grievance process.

For example, three of my grievances I filed on June 3rd and June 5th have disappeared. And Cpl. Monkhouse is one of the guards who beat an inmate up just because he can. It was in my July 27th, 2017, letter to Channel 4 reporter Demetria Kalodimos that you get a copy of.

I’m requesting: 1.  you appoint someone from central office to oversee the following processing of my grievances in a timely fashion. 2. Any grievance that mysteriously disappears I be allowed to resubmit. 3. Order warden Shawn Phillips to cease all harassment and retaliatory acts. 4. Order Warden Shawn self to place me on the compound in Eunice to 2-20 or transfer me to a facility in Middle Tennessee where I can be placed safely in the general population. And, 5. Immediately give me a job at that facility.

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Moreover, I am requesting an immediate investigation into all my disciplinary reports issued in 2017.

Last, I also requesting an investigation into why prison officials at South Central Correctional Facility allowed gang members to steal my property when I was segregated on false disciplinary charges. I want MCCX prison officials dealt with first because they are worse than the corrupt and abusive employees at the Truesdale Turner Correctional Complex, Turner Center industrial complex and the south central Correctional Facility.

MCCX prison official employees are so bold they have outright threaten my life. Sgt. Farmer has outright threatened to me and officer Gilley even had gang members attack me.

Also MCCX employees refuse to wear name tags and refuse to give me their full legal names so I can’t identify them.


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