Rep. Barbara Cooper

Rep. Barbara Cooper

By Grenda Ray Harmer, No. 88710

First, I want to discuss my letter to Barbara Cooper, state representative. I’d be interested to know why she didn’t conduct an investigation into my claims of fraud. Then I’d be interested in knowing why any legislator I sent a copy to didn’t request the legislature to investigate. Also, because federal funds are involved, why didn’t U.S. attorney general conduct an investigation?

I seriously doubt that Rep. Cooper will allow you to interview her over my March 31, 2017, letter. How is it over 2,000 jobs were given inmates and they didn’t even hire staff to supervise them? Not only are they doing this at TTCC [Trousdale Turner Correctional Center], but at SCCF [South Central Correctional Facility] also. I bet if every CoreCivic prison is investigated, the same fraudulent conduct at TTCC is going on at each CoreCivic prison.

That’s why I was transferred the following week after I sent Rep. Cooper the letter. I was hitting close to home. I was revealing TDOC and CoreCivic fraud. I guarantee you, TDOC Commissioner Tony Parker knew of the fraud.

Staff anxious about media contact

Here’s a real good question. What concern was it of TDOC contract monitor Christopher Brun my relationship with Sharon Rondeau, editor of The Post & Email? That was the very first question that internal affairs Sgt. Brian Mendenhall asked me. And Mr. Mendenhall told me that Mr. Brun wanted to know. I was only asked two questions and my relationship with Miss Rondeau was the first question. When I told Mr. Mendenhall it was professional, that I sought out corruption and if she determined it credible she would write an article exposing the corruption. You should have seen the look on his face when I said that. Priceless.

Next, let’s discuss my Jan. 27, 2017, letter to Commissioner Parker. Why is it they keep putting those with 100 percent sentences in classes they are not eligible for? I’ll tell you why. If I take it, the department gets extra funding and they keep me. If they gave it to those with parole board requirements of taking Pro Social Life Skills, the TDOC gets extra funding, but the inmate goes home. Can’t have that because it eventually reduce TDOC budget.

Grenda Ray Harmer, serving a state servitude i Morgan County

Grenda Ray Harmer, serving a state servitude in Morgan County

Parole mandated inmate ignored

Here are some examples. Freddy Hold is being denied TCOM by MCCX officials. He was paroled mandated by the parole board if he took TCOM he would go home. They told him that on June the 7th 2016 and June 13th 2017 when he appeared before the parole board. Remember that copy of my August 10, 2017, letter to state Rep. John Ray Clemmons I sent you a copy of exposing it? Now all of a sudden MCCX officials moved him up the list. Yeah, Hold got a note back stating what I wrote for him was correct. But even after they admitted they were wrong, Hold still has not been put in TCOM. If he is paroled-mandated, like he is, why won’t MCCS officials get him in TCOM? I’ll tell you why. It would reduce inmate population at Morgan County and eventually departmental and prison budgets.

Remember in your Q&A with me that you published? Remember that I mentioned Joseph Derman about him not getting his behavioral sentence credits? Derman recently told me that MCCX gave him the sentence credits owed him and now he leaves sometimes this month. He should have by Sept. 30. Warren and Phillips allows us to go on and Commissioner Parker doesn’t care.

Chopped credits

Commissioner Parker and Warden Phillips should be fired for violating TCA41-1-104 just on the above two examples. ‡ The only reason this inmate got his sentence credits is because of warden Phillips’ being exposed.

MCCX prison officials keep telling Hold they’re going to put him in TCOM. But Warden Phillips told him that a while back. I’m surprised Hold hasn’t been put in TECOM due to the exposure. So I’m surprised they keep putting him off. I think what may be going on is Warden Phillips doesn’t want to be seen as being pressured to do his job and ensure his staff gets inmates like Hold in the program they need to go home. As far as I’m concerned, it’s too late. Warren Phillips should of been doing his job. I’m not Warden Phillips’ favorite person. But if he would do his job under TCA 41-1-104 that mandates he “examine into the affairs of the institution daily to make sure that proper standards are maintained.” If Warden Phillips doesn’t like being exposed for wrongdoing, then he needs to do his job.

Spokeswoman says inmate reports ‘fictitious’

Here are some interesting questions. Why does Warden Phillips continue letting Morgan County staff get away with doing inmates like Hold, denying them programs they still need? Why does it take exposing wrongdoings before Warden Phillips will do his job? When you get a copy of my next letter, I’m getting copied about PC unit, I’d like to know the answer to that situation.

Word of thanks

I’m thankful for people like you and Mrs. Rondeau. In your recent articles about CoreCivic fraud regarding inmate jobs. I’m not surprised Ms. Neysa Taylor referred you to CoreCivic. She knows I’m right and don’t want to be on a record denying it just in case it’s actually investigated. Trust me. Nashville main office officials are aware of the TTCC fraud.

Thank you, Mr. Tulis, for exposing prison officials’ misconduct. I believe changes will come. Your efforts to expose TDOC wrongdoing will bring, at best, some changes. I’m believing it will happen as long as people like Neysa Taylor and Commissioner Parker are kept on the hot seat.

41-1-104.  Warden — Duties.

 (a) The warden has the charge and custody of the penitentiary, with the land, buildings, tools, implements and every other species of property within the precincts of the penitentiary, or appertaining to the penitentiary, under the direction and control of the commissioner of correction.

(b) The custody, welfare, conduct and safekeeping of the inmates shall be the responsibility of the warden, who will examine into the affairs of the institution daily to assure that proper standards are maintained.

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