Bags of explosive material sit in the back of a Ford pickup without being secured according to the Tennessee transportation code in title 55. (Photo THP)

A Tennessee highway patrol trooper arrests a driver transporting explosives without proper permit or markings. (Photo THP)

Law enforcement intervention against travelers on the roads in Tennessee operates many times outside the scope of the law in Tenn. Code Ann. 55.

But many times it operates within the scope of the law, enhancing the safety of the public and others who may be traveling on roadways within the state.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

A perfect example of a proper enforcement action is an arrest March 23 in Dunlap, Tenn., of a driver carrying explosives in the back bed of a pickup truck in violation of the transportation rules.

A Tennessee highway patrol officer stopped a Ford F-250 pickup truck its officers said was transporting explosives without the proper markings or licenses. THP waited for the company responsible for the explosives to arrive with a second  truck. The replacement truck  was driven by an operator with the proper permits and warning stickers, according to the THP.

The story as related by TV9 covered people entirely subject to title 55, that is, they were involved in transportation, which is the profit-seeking use of the people’s roads in commerce, in a regulable activity, subject to state control because transportation is a matter affecting a public interest.

The transportation administrative notice project highlights this distinction, even though the Tennessee Supreme Court, the governor’s office and the general assembly ignore it, respectively nullifying constitutionally guaranteed God-given unalienable and inherent rights belonging to each individual Tennessean, and anybody domiciled elsewhere who is within the state’s border.


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