Robert Z. Whipple, right, in 2010, with his dad, Bob, at graduation. (Photo Bob Whipple).

Prison inmate Robert Z Whipple was released this week, a month after he had been granted unconditional parole his freedom curtailed by what he sees as administrative harassment for his continuing litigation against the Tennessee Department of Correction.

He will be staying at a halfway house in Middle Tennessee, a place called Omega house in Smithville.

Mr. Whipple has been eligible for parole since 2014, but has been held back for four years during which time he filed lawsuits against the department and its employees and contractors. One of the lawsuits pertains to denial of medication. One that remains in litigation complains about denial of access to the legal resources by Westlaw.


Robert Z. Whipple free, talks about time in prison, 4 lawsuits demanding reform. (Photo courtesy NoogaRadio 92.7(

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