Today at 4 p.m. eastern time I will be doing an FB live podcast with Joe Salant of War Room at Reconstructionist Radio on Christian rebuilding by using projects such as my transportation administrative notice in the southeast Tennessee.

By notice, I intend to halt traffic arrests of citizens who are not commercial users of the roads. The abuse of Tenn. Code Ann. Title 55 is pervasive and accepted by all, yet unconstitutional, abusive and harmful first of all to the weak, the poor, the alien and the widow/orphan.

Christian reconstruction and rebuilding, using the means before us, seeks to bring people a closer sense of their liberties and duties under God, who governs the universe and each of the American states. In judgment, our creator and sovereign has brought Tennessee, among other state, into a state of absolutism and tyranny, so that the people might live in abject dread and in a state of fear (which they raise as their idol).

My notice project counts on the work of the Holy Spirit to enliven their souls so that common people might fight for their rights and gain new confidence in their liberties, given by God and protected by state and federal constitutions.

Today at 4 eastern time. Here’s the link.

War Room by Reconstructionist Radio

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