Today on my show I will have an interview with a studied commoner, Brian Robertson, whose calling is in the transportation industry (aka truck driver/operator). This private student of law proposes that our authority over our children is limited on account of marriage licenses and birth certificates, which are financial and commercial instruments, some of which are securitized (sold as commercial paper).

What is especially interesting of Mr. Robertson’s reading through his Westlaw and other legal sources is that birth certificates are circulated as securities.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

No one in this interview on 92.7 FM NoogaRadio in Chattanooga is giving legal advice, is an attorney or is practicing law. The discussion is intended to make you aware of the myriad ways commercial government is deceiving you and stealing from you, and that there is virtually no honor among its branches.

The goal of this discussion, as of my other work, is to turn my listener and reader away from confidence in man and toward confidence in God and an appreciation of his holy law and just social order.

In the same direction as the planned Robertson interview are remarks from Levi Thurston, a middle Tennessee commoner who studies legal questions and who has amassed a trove of court cases and research regarding liberty and how to assert it.

Levi and I are in an exchange on motor vehicle titles and the reason why people like you and I do not have title to our cars and trucks. We have merely certificates of title. The title is held by the state; it has been obtained by the state through an act of conversion at the car dealership, an act that seemingly fraudulently conveys the actual ownership of the car or truck to the state. This process converts private chattel property into a motor vehicle, an instrumentality in commerce subject to regulation in the use of it.

Here, now, Levi’s commentary.

Hypothication of your car

The government borrows using the amounts to be collected over the average lifespan of the car as what the security will pay the buyer of the security. The government gets immediate cash by this re-hypothecation into the securities market of the title or value to be collected from the amounts to be paid over the years of renewing the tags.

I do know that birth certificates are securities sold into the international markets and people who have gotten them back have rehypothecation bank stamps from several overseas banks who use them just like GM stock shares are traded as collateral in various financial deals.

Putting everything into commerce by this Babylonian financial scheme of the banks is why the frenzy of everything possible — from land to newborn babies and selling murdered babies into the food industry as flavor enhancers and taxing rainfall and on and on of the madness of fiat medium of exchange to transfer the wealth of the world into the hands of those setting up the populations for economic, socio-political collapse is on such a accelerated pace today.

Banking is known historically as only a Babylonian Temple activity using a fractional booking accounting and mere bank notes as the medium of exchange — exactly what we have today. Nothing new under the sun. The cuneiform tablets of the ancient near east show stocks, financial houses and banks exactly as we know them today. Just a little slower than the computer but no different in the exchange of instrumentalities of financial commerce.

And just like in the book Report from Iron Mountain,‡ war the organizing principle of those babylonian governments along with the defense industries.

‡ This book is fiction, a work of satire, but comes across as a genuine analysis of the American deep state.

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