Biggest enabler of police state: Sessions, city courts

I like to propose solutions to problems rather than just complaining. Here is a problem for Christian people to think about — with the solution being societal and personal, rather than being rooted in repair of a system or government entity. By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio The problem is the very idea and practice […]

DA Schmidt so abuses law he may make perfect sessions judge in Wednesday vote

Fraud has the outward visible sign of honesty, but lacks the inward spiritual grace. A legal maxim District attorney David Schmidt, in the running as one of 20 applicants for sessions court judge in Hamilton County, is blotted by at least one violation of  lawyer ethics in a recent case involving a liberty oriented criminal […]

Marceaux rehearses career insisting on rights, defying cops, taunting courts

Cop watch activist Basil Marceaux is 66 years old and in ailing health. He has been arrested 27 times and attributes his courage in defying lawless public servants to his Marine Corps background and to a desire to preserve American liberties. Mr. Marceaux is the bane of Tennessee judges and clerks for his dogged dealings […]

Powerful traffic court defense if ‘driving on revoked’: Necessity

If you signed the criminal complaint against you (traffic ticket) and are in the crowd of people awaiting to confront your accuser, the hallowed State of Tennessee, you have a defense that came from the lips of the world’s most innocent, yet most accused, person. By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio And that is the […]

Court reform in Tennessee — how it could take place

A cruiser waits for Chattanaooga police officers who are in a neighborhood at a crime scene. (Photo WTVC) If God grants a restraining hand of judgment against the people of Tennessee and brings before them a greater prospect of justice, reforms will be in the direction of privatization of justice and reform within the courts […]

Marceaux says court loss really a win; ‘criminal’ case heard in civil court

Basil Marceaux, defendant provocateur, and town attorney Sam Elliott in Hamilton County circuit court. (Photo David Tulis)   CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (May 22, 2017) — Court reform activist Basil Marceaux’ offers a mix of high-flying, historical and quirky arguments in a court that would have instantly booted him if his attack on the legal status quo […]

Melvin’s solution to police state: ‘Waive the court,’ demand indictment

Hanson Melville inks a form that “waives the court” as he asserts his constitutionally protected rights. (Photo David Tulis) By his signature, the defendant “waives” a right to a lesser court to assert his right to a greater. (Photo David Tulis) Part of the paperwork when you are absorbed into the legal machine and ground […]

TN outlaws 14,223 drivers in town as court demands payment

This woman and thousands of others in a military town in Tennessee have their driver licenses revoked for debts owed to a court in Clarksville. The Leaf-Chronicle newspaper reports the details. State government revoked the driver licenses of 14,223 people in a hapless Tennessee county whose traffic court sent notice to Nashville of uncollected fines. […]

A night in Soddy-Daisy city court: Lasley corrals herd of petty defendants

A murder defendant stands before Judge Mart Lasley in Soddy-Daisy city court in 2012. Most defendants appear for victimless petty offenses. (Photo VLB Productions on YouTube) The ugly spat between Brittney Parker and Roy Corder, 29, continues in a neon-lit courtroom in Soddy-Daisy, with the judge playing uncle and scold and town cops tossing in […]

Homeowner cited to court should use defense of poetry

A city resident faces a court citation for litter in her yard. Does her sign say OH or HO? Ah, human mystery! (Photos Elizabeth Miller on Facebook) [In the note below I chat with Elizabeth Miller, cited to city court in Chattanooga for having a noncompliant yard in St. Elmo, nestled at the foot of […]