Notice undoes security breach against the people

Transportation administrative notice Tennessee is a righteous cause that undoes a security breach against the people. And that is their right to be free “from unreasonable searches and seizures” and to be “ secure in their persons, houses, papers and possessions,” article 1, section 7 in the state constitution. By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio […]

Berke ignores notice, slighting your rights; but, there’s a hidden benefit

Mayor Andy Berke exercises leadership for City of Chattanooga, a municipal corporation whose powers are strictly limited under state law. His form of leadership requires him to disobey Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55. (Photo mayor’s office) Mayor Andy Berke is a member of the state’s judicial branch who has crossed over into the executive […]

TVA seizes 72 acres in instant; landowner cries foul

A photo montage posted by Stop Dextroying  Tennessee Farms on FB. Greg Vital is in the top right photo. Bottom photo, signs declaring the matter of property rights in simplest form.  Local landowner Greg Vital and two other property owners are fighting for their property rights as TVA has obtained a condemnation order against them […]

Cops drag woman out of car under commercial transportation law

Diana Watt, after being handcuffed, is ordered out of a car; the officer is counting down the time for her to act before he drags her out under the commercial transportation statute at Title 55, which requires the state to exhaust its administrative remedies. (Photo Jalonda Oattes on Facebook) Police’s routine claims upon travelers are […]

Residents take a lot of abuse from government; just don’t try to boot them from houses

Residents applaud a statement made by a city council member at a raucous East Ridge city council meeting consumed with objections to an expansive “redevelopment” plan. (Photos David Tulis) Meredith Moore, 30, a renter in East Ridge who works at a Christian nonprofit organization, is scandalized at the seeming low qualifications of members of East […]

East Ridge, Chattanooga should consider becoming safe havens from Title 55

Front page of East Ridge traffic court docket April 24, 2018. (Photo David Tulis) Cities across Tennessee already are sanctuary cities, even though a bill to prevent sanctuary cities was approved in the general assembly. A bill to prevent local governments from taking a position on immigration and the legal status newcomers to the country […]

Civil asset forfeiture law yields private cars to highwayman, shields commercial vehicles

Private cars and trucks are subjject to the state forfeiture statute, but not vehicles in commerce. (Photo Gribblenation) The distinction in Tennessee law between travel and transportation is found everywhere. Today I am talking with state Rep. Mike Carter regarding reform in the civil asset forfeiture statute that pares back some of the evils of […]

Berke would make enemies if takes tough action over roadside abuses

Mayor Andy Berke of Chattanooga celebrates residents’ creativity in his state of the city speech April 19. (Photo Andy Berke) Ending police abuse of the traveling public in Chattanooga and beyond is an exciting prospect that will increase freedom and liberty in the area, draw more people to live and prosper here, and become an […]

Notice to Haslam: Staff personally liable if not fix traffic stop rules

Administrative notice to public officials about the law denies them, when they are sued, the good faith defense of “I didn’t know” and lack of intent. (Photo David Tulis) Gov. Bill Haslam at an Easter egg roll at the governor’s mansion in Nashville. (Photo governor’s office) Dear Gov. Haslam, I am writing you to follow up […]

Begging ban hits 9 pages of type + appendices as shopkeeps voice support

A red ribbon flutters toward the tarmac after William Green, cente, opens his M.L. King Boulevard eatery, G’s Detroit Sausages, a shop whose customers are frequently hassled by beggars. (Photo Facebook) Four opponents of a city panhandling ban talk local politics after a second city council meeting focusing on complaints about begging and harsh measures […]