Model for liberty, confidence, openness: Old Israel with no border wall

In what ways could city government in Chattanooga encourage the concept of sanctuary, where people fleeing evil elsewhere will be protected here? (Photo David Tulis) Welcome to Episode 43 of Axe to the Root Podcast, part of the War Room Productions, I am Bo Marinov, and for the next 20 minutes I will be getting […]

How Tennesseans could throw off shackles of police state imposed on highways

Deputy Mark Kimsey of the Hamilton County sheriff’s department might have less enforcing to do against innocent travelers if Tennessee took up a reform proposed in New Hampshire that explicitly separates private automotive travel from for-profit and commercial uses of the public right of way. (Photo Facebook) A bill in the general assembly of New […]

Across board, rise of executive military state brings death, destruction

Hanson Melvin sits in the waiting room of district attorney Neal Pinkston’s office, reading a perjured indictment Mr. Pinkston won against him that the DA dismissed the next day in criminal court. But Mr. Pinkston lets go two criminal cops who made abusive, perjured arrests, one of whom was aided by a conspiracy of officers […]

State obliterates landmark, rips poor via ‘driver licensing’ regime

Most users of the road are private, but Tennessee imposes a fiction upon them: That no one may use the roadway unless they are common carriers for hire, subject to licensure and taxation, like the trailer truck hauling Target goods. (Photo WikiCommons) The Bible on which governors swear to uphold the constitution forbids the moving […]

Mayor Berke, sit down, listen to what happens ‘talking while black’

Officer Steve Meador, right, takes an oath in joining the Chattanooga police department. (Photo Cameron Williams recounts his arrest on “disorderly conduct” charges in March in a “talking while black” case in Chattanooga. (Photo NoogaRadio) Mayor Berke, sit down and listen to what happens “walking while black” in your city. (Courtesy NoogaRadio 92.7) Tweet […]

Common law society vs. statutory, state-centered society; which is freer?

Chattanooga police officers close off a street after having investigated a suspicious package left in a neighborhood, one that proved harmless. (Photo David Tulis) By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 In my pursuit of understanding local economy in the Chattanooga area, I have explored the idea of common law versus statutory systems such as Tennessee […]

Chilled cells, drugging of inmate, corporate chiseling seen in TN prison

In November the state auditor gave a harsh review of Tennessee prisons, with our correspondents adding to the litany of grievances — including overmedication of prisoners. By Sharon  Rondeau / The Post & Email (Nov. 30, 2017) — Three grievance forms from TDOC inmate Grenda Ray Harmer, #88710, dated November 20, 2017 report that his […]

How can Pinkston prosecute without meeting 3 requirements for standing?

Neal Pinkston, district attorney (Photo The state is a religious corporation and a legal fiction that prosecutes criminal cases in its own name and person. It replaces the victims or survivors of crimes and acts as if it were the offended party, seeking redress for having been injured. David Tulis reveals the three requirements for standing […]

AirBnB ordinance takes effect, illegal on yet new grounds

Donna Williams is charged with enforcing city council’s AirBnB ordinance, an illegal intrusion upon the city’s thriving “Gig City” Internet economy. (Photo LinkedIn) Taking effect this week in Chattanooga is city government’s so-called short-term vacation rental ordinance, one that is illegal on several grounds — including a new one that comes into view on a […]