Thanks to mom, homeschooling’s social capital will aid crisis ahead

Members of a Chattanooga-area homeschooling chapter of Heritage Girls take part in a parade. (Photo Shannon Conkle) The state has supplanted neighborliness and community with bribery and entitlements, but you know your old dad, 89, is fine for now in his little house at street’s end, and your littlest daughter brings him his morning paper […]

Voters, pols helpless to alter U.S. fundamentals

Elections and politicians are incapable to altering bleak fundamentals for a government-controlled and badly damaged U.S. economy and its largely wrecked free enterprise system. Today is Super Tuesday, so-called. But whatever the results of the political media program, results can hardly be super. A new chief executive will take charge, and even the best of […]

Support Franklin for president: Be a man who uses F$100 bills

The F$100 bill is under fire as aiding violations of federal law, though many honest people use them. If you use cash, you support local economy and help establish your manliness and virility. Yes, using cash is more manly than using a credit card. In light of the federal PR war on the F$100 bill, […]

Ending tax on gold, silver coin sales would aid financial liberty in Tennessee

On the pretense that gold and silver are not money, Tennessee state government taxes transactions of gold and silver. (Photo 10th Amendment Center) By Mike Maharrey A Tennessee bill would exempt gold and silver bullion from sales tax, taking a small step toward nullifying the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money. Introduced by Sen. Frank Niceley, […]

More diners pay cash, favor local economy, burger boss Johnston says

Anthony Johnston of Armando’s of Hixson says today about half of his diners pay with cash, a 10 percentage point increase in favor of local economy, in the past months. He is at a loss as to why cash is gaining currency. By paying cash his customers help him avoid the national sales tax of […]

Wendy’s honors claim check; Uncle doesn’t with his debased notes

A lawful bill, this receipt gives me a legal claim to five menu items at Wendy’s. Would that a dollar bill were so honest. By David Tulis Prodded by a son, 12, I agree to join other dads and sons in a Wendy’s restaurant after a hot Saturday morning of mowing, cutting and clearing trails […]

Fed-led brave new national economy: All propeller, no charts

The Zimbabwe dollar, late bastard brother to the American Federal Reserve dollar, suffers a like congenital deformation. Here, a 100 trillion dollar bill The greatest poison in your local economy and mine is the fluctuating medium of exchange known as the paper dollar and the excesses it engenders, starting with the greatest one of all, […]

Credit card world and its woes; finding our way to cash economy

Perhaps plastic is the real world, and liquidity and honest money are not? (Photo By David Tulis My dissent from debt-based national economy is visceral. Meaning, I feel it in my bones as if it were a physical force. Because it touches not just the intellect, but emotion, I catch myself being ungracious to […]

Freedom assailed in U.S. twilight, but liberty movement grows, II

(Photo Leon County, Fla., sheriff’s department) By Ron Paul The economic and moral decay of American society is reflected in the loss of liberties. This problem affects all Americans and not just the poor in the inner city. Gradual erosion of personal and economic liberty has proceeded for a century. The loss of our liberty […]

Grim police state, urban societal breakdown ahead as U.S. runs down

Police officer shoulder their rifles in a dramatic pose illustrating the rise of the warrior cop and the decline of entrepreneurial liberty. (Photo WRCB TV12) By Ron Paul If Americans were honest with themselves they would acknowledge that the Republic is no more. We now live in a police state. If we do not recognize […]