Judge Shattuck won’t let go, binds Watt over to grand jury

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Feb. 21, 2019 — Today in sessions court in Chattanooga Judge Clarence Shattuck sends the case against Diana Watt to the grand jury. At least one of the a charges against her is being dropped, that of retaliation against officer or official for past action. By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio Mrs. Watt, […]

Journalist gives city administrative notice on limits to police power

Police officers in Chattanooga conduct a transportation stop against a traveler who, under legal presumption only, is involved in transportation. (Photo David Tulis) David Tulis in Chattanooga city council chambers after giving the corporation administrative notice about the limits of police authority to enforce transportation law on all users of the public right of way. […]

Coppinger pushes for tax hike as dollar weakens; Boyd sees waste

Are officials remiss in not pointing out that every dollar in tax receipts buys less and less because that dollar is issued by the honorable lender of last resort for the U.S. government? County commissioner  Tim Boyd says Mayor Jim Coppinger’s budget is larded with wasteful spending. (Photo wrcbtv.com) In proposing a tax increase against […]

Whaddaya mean certified? Danger of trusting experts

Confident of his assumptions, Irving Fisher in 1929 predicted smooth sailing and a “permanently high plateau” prior to the market meltdown. (Photo Wikipedia) In the summer of 1968 and again in summer 1969 I worked as an inhalation therapist at Ochsner Foundation Hospital in New Orleans. What, you may ask, did I know about inhalation […]

Optimistic analysis of coming Chattanooga city-state (post crash)

Brandon and Neisha Brophy welcome girl preemie triplets into the world in January 2016. Procreation is a sign of optimism and a picture of human an investment in the future. David Tulis and Sam Spade at Noogaradio debate why Chattanoogans should be optimistic for the future. (Photo Ronald McDonald House blog) Chattanooga faces a coming […]

Cash Friday lets local economy folk obtain partial satisfaction

The federal reserve note with 100s printed on it, carefully, by a federal government printer. The war on cash is a war not against criminals, terrorists, and the underground economy alone. It is a war against local economy and the free market in Tennessee — against private and personal commerce. So take it personally. By […]

Arguments against local economy

The Main Street farmers market in Chattanooga is an expression of market decentralization — and for local economy. (Photo David Tulis) We make much of local economy in Chattanooga and are excited by arrival of digital overcapacity in the Gig, real estate on the Northshore and highly touted entrepreneurial culture exemplified by Lamp Post Group […]

Why national cataclysm is just ahead, & what to do now

This hurried talk is a 10-minute elevator pitch for coming financial disaster, and a 10-minute elevator pitch that is the solution: Local economy and free markets. David Tulis sketches the coming reckoning the marketplace will impose on debt-ridden nation-states and their consumption-oriented economies. (Courtesy AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio) Let me help you be […]

Assembly OKs bill creating Tennessee gold bullion depository

American gold Eagle bullion coins are a store of value and a medium of exchange, though buying them comes with a high premium.   NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 20, 2016) – Today, the Tennessee Senate unanimously gave final approval to a resolution setting the stage for creation of state bullion depository, an important first step toward establishing gold and […]

In TN, what to pray about: 6 things the Lord hates, even 7

In happier days, Charlotte Whitaker toys with son Jaden before state government kidnapped him in 2013 and severed his parents’ rights. (Photo Medicalkidnap.com) Is the state evil? Is the state the source of peril, danger, wickedness, threat, injury and death to families in Tennessee? Is the state the source of decapitalization, loss, loss of hope, […]