‘I did not commit a crime,’ area missionary tells Haslam

(Jan. 13, 2019) — On Sunday evening, Christian missionary George Raudenbush contacted The Post & Email to say that he very recently learned that an exoneration request he made last year to outgoing Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam might not have been received. By Sharon Rondeau / The Post & Email Evidence forwarded to the Tennessee Board of Parole showing […]

Police rape case strains council decorum; citizens demand ‘oversight’

City council member Darrin Ledford talks with a city resident Tuesday while, background, council member Ken Smith speaks with Basil Marceaux. (Photos David Tulis) Demetrus Coonrod is the only city council member to have expressed opposition to police violence. Basil Marceaux of Soddy-Daisy gives a five-minute chat regarding his high theories of law and justice […]

Prison system frees Whipple, lawsuit still hanging

Robert Z. Whipple, right, in 2010, with his dad, Bob, at graduation. (Photo Bob Whipple). Prison inmate Robert Z Whipple was released this week, a month after he had been granted unconditional parole his freedom curtailed by what he sees as administrative harassment for his continuing litigation against the Tennessee Department of Correction. He will […]

State paroles Whipple, who learns art of legal war in cell

David Tulis listens to the dad of Robert Z. Whipple, also named Robert, talk about his son’s release. The departure from the prison at Horsehead Road in Pikeville, Tenn., could take as long as two weeks. (Photo courtesy Noogaradio) Sorry I haven’t written sooner, I have been having a hectic last few days. As you […]

Backers of homeless prick Roddy, Berke trial balloon ban on panhandling

Regina Ledford shamefully admits to city council that she panhandles to survive her poverty. Other critics of a proposed begging ban are Jean-Marie Lawrence, left, and Beth Foster, right. (Photo David Tulis) The left wing of Christendom is out in force to denounce a police harassment bill in Chattanooga sought by Mayor Andy Berke’s executive […]

Improving prod upon officials — the idea of administrative notice

The Rachel Jackson building in Nashville houses the state department of correction, an executive branch agency operating under administrative law. (Photo Google Maps) We have been exploring the process of administrative notice as a possible — even theoretical — remedy to the problem of legal immunity claimed by state actors who abuse their office and […]

Prison leaves sexual attacker near his victim, inmate Davis says

This is the first page of a complaint against state administration by prisoner Chris Davis in Pikeville, Tenn.,  The following is a letter sent Sunday to Neysa Taylor, spokeswoman for the Tennessee Department of Correction. As of today, Mrs. Taylor has not responded to it. By David Tulis  / NoogaRadio 92.7 I received a letter […]

Diabetic inmate denied access to special shoes, legal materials

Robert Whipple has sued state government at least four times over abuse within its prison system. (Photo David Tulis) The following is a letter sent Dec. 17 to Neysa Taylor, spokeswoman for the Department of Correction. In a reply Dec. 19, Mrs. Taylor says the following: At this time it would be improper for TDOC […]

Harmer says meds restored, but cell kept chilly

Grenda Ray Harmer, serving a state servitude in Morgan County by Sharon Rondeau / The Post & Email On Monday morning, The Post & Email reported that TDOC inmate Grenda Harmer, #88710, had informed us in a letter received last week that one of his medications, “Antivert,” had been discontinued by MCCX prison staff without […]