Sky striping clouds given own category in world meteorological atlas

Deposit clouds like these have entered the scientific literature as manmade clouds that are a routine part of nature. (Photo Facebook) We are saved, perhaps, from worrying about pollution clouds like these over Soddy-Daisy by their being known now with Latin names. (Photo David Tulis) “Aircraft condensation trails (contrails) that have persisted for at least […]

Jets scar morning sky over Chattanooga; but program halved

A car leaves the Waffle House at the bottom of the hill on Highway 153 in Hixson, its driver no doubt dazzled by the demonstration of aerial prowess of a civil authority that runs a military weather program wreathed in secrecy. (Photo David Tulis) Negative emissions by jet aircraft are part of the federal government’s […]

Credibility of sky stripe story gains as more people look up

Dane Wigington explains aerosol geoenginering, top video, while David Tulis listens to Dr. Marvin Herndon of San Diego in a radio interview. Dr. Herndon in 2015 made a major break in the sky striping story. They discuss the Kingston coal fly ash slurry disaster and how coal fly ash is an ideal substance for weather […]

Snow melt study adds to warnings on U.S. smog production effort

A well insulated sky gets a streak of reinforcement as the U.S. dulls the sun over Hamilton County, Tenn., in a purported war on climate change. (Photo David Tulis) A jet lays a string of coal fly ash over Soddy-Daisy in a program that carries on in secret, to the detriment of human populations on […]

Sky tattoo program gets more scrutiny as dangers persist

Deposits of coal fly ash show themselves in various stages of diffusion over the skies of Hamilton County, Tenn., on June 6, 2017. Notice how particulate matter streams away from the main body of the ash deposit. (Photo David Tulis) David Tulis listens intently to J. Marvin Herndon of San Diego, a crusty nuclear geoscientist […]

Aerosol injection part of massive program to alter weather, human conduct

This video indicates that jet “contrails” over Chattanooga and other cities are injections or deposits of material, not mere water vapor from hot jet engines sucking in cold, damp air at high altitude. The material is coal fly ash, though no doubt some flights emit other materials that contain aluminum and other pollutants. ( (Page […]

Jets stripe city skies 9 days of past 15; lungs, gardens, health at risk?

This morning scene from my house in Soddy-Daisy is breathtaking, showing how dust deposits spread into cloud cover. The U.S. war against sunlight continues under Mr. Trump, evidently because it serves a goal higher than public health under the U.S. clean air act. (Photo David Tulis) In a view typical of sky stripe mornings, jets […]

Aerial mishap of oily ash spill hints U.S. ice-cap melting project

Photos from areas hit by accidental jet discharge of oily soot. (Photo J. Marvin Herndon) About Feb. 14, 2016, an oily-ashy substance fell on seven residences and vehicles in Harrison Township, Mich. The commander of nearby Selfridge Air National Guard Base told the press that the release was not from a military plane. Upon being […]

Horizontal smokestack emissions visible to naked eye, invisible in health effects

GeoengineeringWatch.orgGlobal geoengineering / solar radiation management programs are an existential threat to the human race and the entire web of life. This film footage proves beyond doubt that the global weather warfare assault is real and ongoing. Posted by Dane Wigington on Friday, March 10, 2017 Sky stripes are not condensation trails, but hydraulic […]

High comments given to Tulis for deep-reaching reporting, analysis

David Tulis, a lococentric journalist with an eye for Chattanooga, is depicted here as a cosmopolite with a global perspective. According to my colleague, Mike Steel, you are wise to support this website and to advertise your business, church or group on our multimedia platform, Noogaradio 1240 AM 101.1 FM. Please donate to support our […]