Stay indoors? Massive deposits today over city

A breath-taking sky greets early risers over Soddy-Daisy, just north of Chattanooga, on a day given to intense aerosol geoengineering activity by unknown aircraft. (Photo David Tulis) Aircraft injections of coal dust dribble windward into clouds on what started out as a morning of clear blue sky over Chattanooga. The clouds are a physical product […]

Two suns set over city as jets scar sky, emit blanket of haze

A sun sets over Chattanooga, its air so polluted by jet trails that a giant chembo appears from refracted light. Two chembos bracketed the sun. (David Tulis photo) Jets as part of the federal government’s war on sunlight Jorge’s and dust into the Skies over Hamilton County, creating three sunsets. (Photo David Tulis) Chembo close […]

U.S. weather program pushes TN into drought, firestorms

Thick aerosols drape across a gap in haze caused by earlier aircraft deposits, as seen from my house in Soddy-Daisy, Tenn. Dumping of particulates over any part of the globe is known to help prevent rain cloud formation. (Photo David Tulis) Sky plumes often are laid in patterns to serve hidden government purposes, as here over […]

Like horizontal ‘smoke stacks,’ jets streak city’s sky, lay new smog

Jet emissions crisscross over my house, a new thin white beam seeming to intersect with another that’s becoming a cloud. (Photo David Tulis) From white turds to new clouds, jet emissions over Chattanooga on this second of three straight days are marked by frequent interruptions in the spray pattern. As seen from a Soddy-Daisy credit […]

Jet videos show aerosol injections over cities, countryside

This brief presentation by environmentalist Dane Wigington of says that aerosol injections by jet are polluting the air, heating up the planet and are increasingly more difficult for the world’s political establishments to hide. Chattanooga and other Tennessee cities are regularly dosed with these toxic white tattoos that leave featureless skies, weird cloud fronts […]

EPA to regulate airline emissions; but feds’ sky striping program exempt

Government muddled or wicked? EPA plans to regulate airline pollution, but the U.S. official pollution program — also called strategic aerosol injections — remains unmolested, as here over Daytona Beach, Fla. (Photo Faline Spires, A morning scene over Hixson, north of Chattanooga, in which an already noxious sky is highlighted by a jet trail […]

Barys lets city slumber over aerial outrage he dismisses as ‘water vapor’

Jet-borne chemical treatment of the weather not only tattoos the skies like this one over St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, U.K., but also causes ice storms in deserts (Saudi Arabia, November 2015) and 3-foot deep hailstorms in Quito Ecuador (February 2015). (Photo Ashley Bates, Chemtrails Global Skywatch on Facebook) Signal Mountain mom sends this photo to WRCB […]

Intense aerosol injections over Chattanooga turn blue sky to dull smog

The talcum-like aerosols sprayed in the sky over Soddy-Daisy on Tuesday dissolve and create cloud cover. But the micron-sized specks fall to the earth, bringing aluminium and other nondigestibles to unprotected human beings on the ground. (Photo David Tulis) This view greets me Tuesday as I look out my bedroom window in Soddy-Daisy, looking eastward. […]

March sets record for aerosol geoengineering over Chattanooga

Aerosol geoengineering is in evidence today over Chattanooga, as here a sky claw over Hixson. (Photo David Tulis) Disturbed skies as seen from McCallie school in Chattanooga March 18, 2016. Said Mark Twain, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” (Photo Kelli Lentine) Morning in Chattanooga: An agitated and […]

Sideways smokestacks 5 days straight: Haze covers city as jets steak skies

Cough, cough, cough! Nashville is heavily treated March 8. (Photo Misty Rochelle, Chemtrails Global Skywatch) Artificial clouds are laid down one day this week over Knoxville like a carpet. Note the edge. (Photo Marla Stair-Wood) This treated sky in Sullivan County, Tenn., this week is either beautiful or sickening, depending on what you know about […]