Bucket of woe, thimble of hope in Phillips ‘Unraveling of America‘ book

Abolitionists are blocked from view by a pro-abortion demonstrator holding forth a satanic argument, both on sign and by hand. The Rev. Don Phillips’ book Unraveling of America truly sees the nation’s people under judgment, but proposes no way by which they can be redeemed and restored. The book by a noted minister of the […]

For 25 years, no abortion clinic has ‘served’ Chattanooga

An abortion truth truck tells the story of abortion in the U.S., a practice that hasn’t been publicly a part of life in Chattanooga for the past 25 years. But 9,732 babies were slaughtered in Tennessee in 2016, at least 355 of them from mothers residing in Hamilton County. (Photo Fletcher Armstrong blog) Twenty-five years […]

Obedience to God’s law would reshape courts, society, economy of city

If Christians work for several generations to live and love in terms of God’s law, city culture, mores, laws and systems would be transformed for man’s benefit and God’s glory. (Photo David Tulis) Christendom is the idea of God’s propriety in the affairs of man — and man’s widespread recognition of His lawful and loving […]

Patriots at Dayton dinner hail Trump, assert blessings of constitution

Though they love the U.S. Bill of Rights, men and women rise and salute the federal banner as if it still represents their interests in lawful government. (Photo David Tulis) Homeschooled teenager Jake Griffin, 15, and Jillian Edmonds, 16, listen to Jake’s grandmother, June Griffin, address the Bill of Rights dinner in Dayton, Tenn. (Photo […]

20 reasons Democrats more dangerous than Muslim terrorists

DNC — dilation & curettage. The Democrat National Committee and its party unstintingly support the slaughter of the unborn, but not only Caucasian boys and girls such as these. Equal treatment for black babies. They are more dangerous to America then “radical Islamic extremist terrorists” and they are meeting in Philly this week. Democrats, the party […]

In TN, what to pray about: 6 things the Lord hates, even 7

In happier days, Charlotte Whitaker toys with son Jaden before state government kidnapped him in 2013 and severed his parents’ rights. (Photo Medicalkidnap.com) Is the state evil? Is the state the source of peril, danger, wickedness, threat, injury and death to families in Tennessee? Is the state the source of decapitalization, loss, loss of hope, […]

Group forces Tennesseans to confront horror of baby slaughter

A prolifer talks with immigrant students at Tennesee Tech. (Photo Center for Bioethical Reform) Shocking images of slain babies and other people are the primary argument of Center for Bioethical Reform in Knoxville. (Photo Center for Bioethical Reform) Prolife volunteer Debbie Picarello wants images of slain babies to shock the consciences of Tennesseans. (Photo Center […]

Worker ignores beating heart, cuts open baby’s face to harvest brain

Holly O’Donnell tells how her StemExpress supervisor instructed her to cut through the face of a baby to get the brain. By David Daleiden LOS ANGELES, Aug. 19 — The third episode in a new documentary web series and 7th video on Planned Parenthood’s supply of aborted fetal tissue tells a former procurement technician’s harrowing story of […]

Abortionist is right: Constitutional right can’t be taxed, regulated

Moms ready to destroy boys and girls are checked in this room at The Women’s Center in Nashville carefully designed to prevent vertigo. (Photo The Women’s Center) By David Tulis A constitutional right cannot be taxed or regulated, even if that right involves the killing of an innocent person. Thanks to Roe v. Wade and […]